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The Bird Dance
Susan Mitchell

A highly original children's book, combining the joy and wonder of nature with the magical imagination of childhood. Oliver and Amber are twins, who share a love of dancing. There is a show coming up and some of the moves in their new routine are proving tricky. Who can help them overcome their difficulties and teach them to dance as if their feet had grown wings? Find out in The Bird Dance, a charming story of harmony with nature, in more ways than one!

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Big Dreams, Scary Giants, and Itty-Bitty Grasshoppers: Letting
Kristin Kay Johnson

Now Is the Time to Live God’s Dream for Your Life!
Big Dreams, Scary Giants, and IttyBitty Grasshoppers: Letting God Make His Dreams for You Come True is a message about love, grace, forgiveness, and the calling of God. It’s about living BIG dreams. It is also about overcoming the scary giants you will face while pursuing your dream and defeating the “I’m just a grasshopper” feelings that will attempt to hold you back.
Big Dreams, Scary Giants, and IttyBitty Grasshoppers...

Bridge Beyond Betrayal (Miz Mike Book 2)
Stephanie Parker McKean

When successful mystery writer Michal Rice, better known as 'Miz Mike' in Three Prongs, Texas (where misfits fit), spots a dead body in a red pickup truck, she springs into action. But noone believes her! So she searches for the elusive truck and murder victim herself. After finding and losing them, and being coshed on the head on finding them again, Mike learns the identity of the murdered man, but again, noone will believe her, not even her 'fiancé' Marty Richards. When Mike unexpectedly...

Immortal (Genesis Endeavor Book 2)
David Kersten

There’s a thief in New Hope. A head is missing, but not just any head, this one could lead to an even greater discovery than the Freezer. But before Jack Taggart can solve the mystery, another dastardly plot unfolds, throwing his community into chaos.
With the very fate of humankind on the line, why would anyone want to prevent Jack and the other Reborn from being a part of the solution? The answer may lie with the other community leaders men who have lived several lifetimes in effort...

How the Dragons Got Their Colors
Cheryl Matthynssens

One day, a little gray dragon decided that being gray was just not right when the world was so full of colors. Follow the little dragon on his journey to gain color for his scales and learn how being kind gave him a special magic to become King of all the dragons.
This book is ideal for reading allowed for ages 3 7.
Reading Level is for ages 710......

The Truth Will Out
Karen J Mossman

Kelly needs to escape from her abusive and controlling boyfriend, but she's terrified to leave. She’s then given a chance to start a fresh, but is the cost for her freedom too high?
Sarah is happy in her life. She has a dream job and a perfect roommate. But when a brick is thrown through the window, followed by a letter containing razor blades, her life starts to spin out of control. Detective Ryan Andrews is on the case and the two quickly form a close bond.
Will Kelly pay that...