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The Bird Dance
Susan Mitchell

A highly original children's book, combining the joy and wonder of nature with the magical imagination of childhood. Oliver and Amber are twins, who share a love of dancing. There is a show coming up and some of the moves in their new routine are proving tricky. Who can help them overcome their difficulties and teach them to dance as if their feet had grown wings? Find out in The Bird Dance, a charming story of harmony with nature, in more ways than one!

Have You Read?
The Shadow Reigns (Witch-Hunter Book 2)
K. S. Marsden

The second part of the WitchHunter series.
The world has been thrown into darkness by the Shadow Witch's revolution. The witchhunters are scattered, but still strong. The race is now on to gather allies and win the war.
New enemies will arise; loyalties will be pushed to the limit. And an important question will be answered: can a witchhunter that practices magic ever be trusted, or will he be persecuted?
It is said that 'love conquers all', but this twisted love must stay secret,...

THE ZEBRA AFFAIRE: An Apartheid Love Story (The Sub-Saharan
Mark Fine

“A book to savor slowly...appreciating each moment. I found myself rereading sentences and whole paragraphs; such was the quality of the writing. One of the best books I've read this year.” Jean Gill, author of ‘Song at Dawn’
IT’S THE SPRING OF ‘76. For Elsa, her affair with Stanwell may well prove...

Mail Order Meddler (Brides of Beckham Book 10)
Kirsten Osbourne

Be sure to check out my newest releases, Kissing in Kansas which released September 15th, and Ruby that released August 8th. A complete list of my work can be found here
Francis knew something needed to change immediately. He was only sixteen, but he understood that his family couldn’t keep living on bread and beef jerky. In town one day, he noticed an advertisement for a mail order bride, and sent off a letter…after signing his older brother’s name. He’d...

The Red Strokes
Kathy Reinhart

Lilah, Mia, and Val. Sisters as individual as snowflakes with a kinship that resembles a stick and plate balancing act. It takes constant work and the slightest misstep threatens to bring it to a shattering end. Yet among their many differences is a bond, a common thread that has carried them through decades of both happy and sad tears. Heddie Mae called it the heartstring.
When Thomas Fahning dies, he leaves behind a cryptic message and enough secrets to pave the road from Pennsylvania...

Demon Inhibitions: Caitlin Diggs Series #3
Gary Starta

Chasing a soul stealer in her reality, psychic investigator Caitlin Diggs inadvertently travels through a portal to another reality and witnesses her fugitive kill her alternate self in DEMON INHIBITIONS. Assuming her alternate's life as an agent of the FBI’s Preternatural Crime Division, Diggs believes her position might help her capture the soul stealer until she finds he may be part of a sinister terrorist plot to keep humans and demons living in segregation. A girl, whose singing...