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The Bird Dance
Susan Mitchell

A highly original children's book, combining the joy and wonder of nature with the magical imagination of childhood. Oliver and Amber are twins, who share a love of dancing. There is a show coming up and some of the moves in their new routine are proving tricky. Who can help them overcome their difficulties and teach them to dance as if their feet had grown wings? Find out in The Bird Dance, a charming story of harmony with nature, in more ways than one!

Have You Read?
Yellow Rock
Elle Marlow

In the west, sometimes heroes are also your enemy…
After her plantation burns to the ground by the hands of her Confederate father, Willow is then forced to escape Georgia aboard a wagon train heading west. When the Apaches attack the wagons, capturing and brutalizing her, Willow’s mind tries to cope by escaping reality.
As her mind slips her from the present back into the past, confusing the Indians for Yankees. Willow no longer knows her enemies as the Apaches tie her to a tree...

Circus Tarot
Charles W. Jones

Mary's and Darrin's life is what some would call "dull". Every day they follow a ritual of habit, starting the moment they wake in the morning. That is until Mary buys a deck of Tarot Cards from an old women at the consignment shop, then Mary and Darrin are drawn into the dark world of the Circus Tarot with a lusty Devil, carnivorous Clowns and the other malevolent denizens of World Circus. Mary and Darrin must fight for their safety and make a disturbing deal with the inhabitants of World...

Reverse Image: A Timeless Tale from The Traveler's HOT L
C. R. Downing

Reverse Image is the third volume in the series: Traveler’s HOT L – The Time Traveler’s Resort.
This tale begins with Art Castillo disappearing while on his morning run two days after his honeymoon. His wife, Kaz, awakens, discovers Art is missing, and contacts the police.
The police find nothing out of the ordinary and suspect Art has a case of cold feet. Kaz refuses to accept that conclusion. She goes on her own hunt for clues and finds an odd medallion.
Even after...

Without from Within: Poems by Ron Shaw
Ron Shaw

After publishing 12 works from deep within me, the innate urge to express myself in an entirely different manner overtook me.
As far back as I can remember, reading poetry has always been a passion. It may well have been one of the key factors in choosing English Literature as my college major.
This collection is the result of exposing my soul and heart in a way I'd never dreamed of doing.
While my other works in publication are integral parts of me, I now understand that poetry...

Be Proud of Who You Are
Tania Giguere

Allen is a small green frog, that feels he has no place in this world, that he just a frog.
But on his adventures, Allen discovers just how needed he really is. Just how important all things are in life.......