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The Bird Dance
Susan Mitchell

A highly original children's book, combining the joy and wonder of nature with the magical imagination of childhood. Oliver and Amber are twins, who share a love of dancing. There is a show coming up and some of the moves in their new routine are proving tricky. Who can help them overcome their difficulties and teach them to dance as if their feet had grown wings? Find out in The Bird Dance, a charming story of harmony with nature, in more ways than one!......

Have You Read?
Master of Illusion Book Two
Anne Rouen

Introducing Master of Illusion Book Two, the second novel in the Historical Romance series set in the operatic era of 19th century Paris.
The sequel in this romantic suspense series continues the story of the tormented genius, Angel, and his childhood friend, Elise, the prima ballerina who once graced the stage as La Belle and now directs their own opera house, the Opéra Magique.
Their lives ensue in an entanglement of secrets, subterfuge, tragedy and love through which they battle...

Tales from the Moonstone Inn
Francis W Strapp

Written in the early 1900s by a downonhisluck Englishman living in Australia, this engaging collection of stories is now available in an expanded edition.
The two novellas presented in this volume – The Moonstone Inn and The Man Who Tossed A Sixpence – are thrillers set in Australia and the South Pacific. Dark schemes, evil deeds and guarded secrets abound, mixed with romance, humour and local colour, not forgetting the dashing heroes and virtuous heroines.
The collection...

Blizzard Terror: Book Five in the DeBois Series
Sue Raymond

The blizzard has buried the forest in a thick blanket of snow hampering Jean and James in their attempt to rescue Su before the storm claims her and Su's unborn children. They are not the only one tracking Su. A maimed mountain lion has caught Su’s scent and now it is a race to see who finds Su first. Jean also has to content with a terrorist tracking him to rack revenge for Jean destroying the terrorist cell. Who will win, Jean, the terrorist, the mountain lion or the blizzard?......

The Golden Grill: A Colleen Broadhurst Adventure
Christine B.

This is the second book in the Colleen Broadhurst Adventure series. In this book Colleen finds herself entangled in a web of intrigue and murder as she attempts to come to the aid of woman who lives in San Francisco. The psychic private detective finds that there are complications that go along with her gift and she becomes desperate to undo the negative results of her ability to gain homicidal knowledge from the stones.......

Tri-Light Trilogy Boxset
Debbie Adam

Evelyn has spent her formative years at boarding school as an outsider, learning what she knows from the internet. At eighteen, she falls into a world of the supernatural. She finds Luc, the irresistibly, sexy bar owner, who shows her things she never dreamed were possible. Follow Evie’s trials and experiences as she meets different supernaturals and discovers new truths about herself, her family and the Earth.
Evie and Luc's perfect bubble is shattered when Kiran walks back into her...