Musings With Stewart Bint by Stewart Bint

Stewart Bint's musings on writing, everyday life, and going barefoot. Sometimes funny, sometimes hard-hitting controversy, sometimes intensely personal

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Stewart Bint

A collection of 17 short stories ranging from the sublime to the unforgivably ridiculous, including The Twitter Bully, A Timely Murder, The Wind Of Fire, "Hello Dear," Money To Burn, Harvey Looks For A Friend, and the nonsense poem Ree The Troll Of Dingleay, written with a lot of help from the children of Huncote Community Primary School in Leicestershire, UK.......

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The Blackguard (The Blue Dragon's Geas Book 2)
Cheryl Matthynssens

THE BLACKGUARD is Book 2 in the Groundbreaking series THE BLUE DRAGON'S GEAS, which begins with OUTCAST (Book 1).
In THE BLACKGUARD, Alador finds himself in the city of Silverport, the Lerdenian capital. Surrounded by a culture that sees murder as a path to social power, he struggles to find his place. Sent by his uncle, the High Minister of Lerdenia, to the Blackguard, he begins his training as both a soldier and a water mage. The dragon dreams have not stopped and he learns more of...

The Hanged Man's Noose: A Glass Dolphin Mystery (Glass Dolphin
Judy Penz Sheluk

Smalltown secrets and subterfuge lead to murder in this fastmoving, deftly written tale of highstakes real estate wrangling gone amok.
Journalist Emily Garland lands a plum assignment as the editor of a niche magazine based in Lount’s Landing, a small town named after a colorful 19th century Canadian traitor. As she interviews the local business owners for the magazine, Emily quickly learns that many people are unhappy with real estate mogul Garrett Stonehaven’s plans to convert an...

Secrets of a Real-Life Female Private Eye
Colleen Collins

SECRETS OF A REALLIFE FEMALE PRIVATE EYE is a partmemoir, partreference nonfiction book based on the experiences of a professional private investigator and writer. Audiences: researchers, writers, detectivefiction fans, armchair detectives and those curious about the real world of private investigators.
The beauty of ebooks is their being an interactive medium. To fully enjoy SECRETS OF A REALLIFE FEMALE PRIVATE EYE, read it where you have access to the Internet.......

Welcome to MintLand...
Eric J. Moran

In the era of the "Cheerlebrity" Peppermint as a whole defined the word. Eighteen young children were placed on a Level 1 Allstar cheerleading team at one of the most renowned cheer programs in the world. Follow the unbelievable story of the 20142015 Stingray Allstars Peppermint, a team that uplifts an entire community through friendship, teamwork, triumph and belief in one another. This story is written from the perspective of an unsuspecting team dad who is thrust into the ultra...

Jackpot Julie
Belinda Bennett

Should she or shouldn't she? A winning lottery ticket worth millions of pounds is burning a hole in Julie Jacobs' pocket. Problem is...the ticket is not hers.
This compelling, original drama by the British author Belinda Bennett examines issues surrounding online gambling – and how one woman’s seemingly innocent pastime goes on to ruin her life. Habitual gambler Julie Jacobs has secretly frittered away a small fortune playing online bingo. Now her husband has found out and her days...