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One of Our Own
Dora Furlong

While visiting the planet Corbice Lord Daniel Emryk and his apprentice, Larissa Raymond disappear. The planet holds the key to Larissa’s mysterious past.
On the verge of his initiation into the Empress’ Cadre, Aethan Ghais is sent to find them. The son of the second most powerful woman in the Imperium and a trained assassin, his life has not been his own. He sees the assignment as his chance at freedom.
Before he can act on that, he is caught up in the politics of a world on the...

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Addicted to Dimes (Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat)
Catherine Townsend-Lyon

How does a good girl go bad? Based on a true story, told in the author's own words, without polish or prose, this haunting tale of addiction, family secrets, abuse, sexual misconduct, destruction, crime and.... recovery! One day at a time, one page at a time. Learn of this remarkable and brave story.......

Luck of the Draw (Weston Family Series Book 1)
Julie Lence

Royce Weston knows firsthand women are exceptional liars... especially the one who has wormed her way into his family's good graces by claiming amnesia. Since Paige didn't heed his advice at the poker tables, he reasons a bit of 'friendly' persuassion is needed to send her packing. But when she matches him trick for trick and has his ranch hands jumping to please her, Royce realizes she is no simpering miss. Sassy and daring; if only she'd give him a reason to trust her...
Paige Morgan...

Genation 1: Earth Volk
Robert A. Hunt

AN ALIEN PRESENCE, the government’s greatest secret, directs the nations of the world into a brutal confidential war. After taking the volks, an alien mother and offspring into captivity, it is soon uncovered that they are also from the future… as in 26 million years into the future.
Follow Eddy, the childvolk, as he is raised in undisclosed confinements. From his own words, discover how they travelled across space and time. Other beings descend upon the earth in search of the volks....

Zombie Flick
Geoffrey C Porter

Zombies are everywhere. Porter Wright is just another man trying to stay unundead (alive) in these dark and trying times. Not only is the prospect of becoming a member of the mealy mouthed horde as unappetizing as human flesh, but with a world in chaos, he must take up arms to fend off the tides. Get ready to dive into this action packed, knee slapper of a zombie story. The content of this book may be inappropriate for people who are allergic to brains and might cause spontaneous combustion....

Mystery Lady
Anjannette Conner

Found battered and near death, a mysterious ravenhaired beauty brings turmoil and intrigue into the lives of the Chandlers in postRevolutionary America when she wakes up and reveals a shocking truth—the brutal attack left her with no memory. Immediately drawn to her fiery spirit and captivating violet eyes, Zachary Chandler vows to find the man responsible and learn her identity. The only clues—her pronounced English accent and a gold pocket watch with the King's crest—point to a...