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One of Our Own
Dora Furlong

While visiting the planet Corbice Lord Daniel Emryk and his apprentice, Larissa Raymond disappear. The planet holds the key to Larissa’s mysterious past.
On the verge of his initiation into the Empress’ Cadre, Aethan Ghais is sent to find them. The son of the second most powerful woman in the Imperium and a trained assassin, his life has not been his own. He sees the assignment as his chance at freedom.
Before he can act on that, he is caught up in the politics of a world on the...

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Legacy of Luck (Druid's Brooch Series, #3)
Christy Nicholas

Irish Traveler Éamonn loves gambling, women, and drinking, not necessarily in that order. But he’s entangled in a true mess when he falls for fiery redhead, Katie. When she’s married to a Scottish Traveler, Éamonn travels to Scotland to find her, with the help of Katie’s sister and cousin, and the magical brooch gifted by his father. Their quest takes them across the Irish Sea to the Isle of Skye, encountering war, betrayal, death. In the end, Éamonn must make his own luck.......

Connects: Based on a True Haunting and Possession (Dream
Katrina Rose

Could You Survive Being Possessed? Abigail Morrison did. This is her continues to place in the Mysticism category.   This book shows a connection to the Kindle     1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Religion & Spirituality > Other Religions, Practices & Sacred Texts > Mysticism
Paid Kindle       25 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Religion & Spirituality > Other Religions, Practices & Sacred Texts > Mysticism
Paid Kindle       65 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks >...

Two Little Boys: DI Ted Darling Book II
L M Krier

Topical, dark and disturbing crime thriller featuring a decidedly different type of detective.
In his darkest and most complex case to date, DI Ted Darling has to confront demons from his own past when investigating the brutal murder of a young boy.
As more deaths follow, he realises he is up against powerful people who believe themselves to be above the law, and starts to feel out of his depth. Just how high up does it go?
At the same time he has to cope with a new boss, much more...

The Box Under The Bed: an anthology of scary stories from 20

$4.99 regular eBook price, $9.99 regular paperback price. Come along for a chilling ride on a ghost ship, experience eerie daydreams and psychotic killers, explore haunted houses, and send the deceased to their final destination.
Edited and compiled by Amazon bestselling author Dan Alatorre, this anthology of scary tales brings together the minds and pens of twenty authors.
Featuring stories from:
bestselling author Jenifer Ruff (Everett),...

Retribution (The Gunsmith Chronicles Book 2)
Brian Takahashi

Following the end of his trial, Treacy finds that he is not out of the woods from his hunt. Yan Lou has threatened the god realm and is preparing for war. Kannon, in serious condition, flees to the human realm to hide from Yan Lou and find Wildcard. Walter continues to scour Ryan’s orated dream from his coma hoping for an epiphany as to Ryan’s character. Any confusion to his person or place in time could jeopardize Walter’s intentions on the future. As for Treacy, the only things he is...