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The Darkest Hour: A Novel
Tony Schumacher

A crackling, highly imaginative thriller debut in the vein of W.E.B. Griffin and Philip Kerr, set in Germanoccupied London at the close of World War II, in which a hardened British detective jeopardizes his own life to save an innocent soul and achieve the 1946. The Nazis have conquered the British, and now occupy Great Britain, using brutality and fear to control its citizens. John Henry Rossett, a decorated British war hero and former police sergeant, has been reassigned to the Office of...

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Under the Approaching Dark: The King's Greatest Enemy #3
Anna Belfrage

Adam de Guirande has cause to believe the turbulent times are behind him: Hugh Despenser is dead and Edward II is forced to abdicate in favour of his young son. It is time to look forward, to a bright new world in which the young king, guided by his council, heals his kingdom and restores its greatness. But the turmoil is far from over.
England in the early months of 1327 is a country in need of stability, and many turn with hope towards the new young king, Edward III. But Edward is too...

The Bathory Curse
Renee Lake

Princess Cneajna of Transylvania didn’t expect to be brought back from death’s door by an ancient Pagan Goddess. She certainly never asked to be made into an immortal witch. All she wanted was to live out her life the wife of Vlad the Impaler and mother of his two sons. However, now she has a new life, and with it comes the impossible task of breaking a centuries old curse placed on the women of her family. A curse that drives each one insane. To make matters even more complicated...

Aurelious Forty: Volume Three
Dianna Beirne

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you? Someone probably is.
Do you ever feel like your thoughts are not your own? They might not be.
Do you ever feel like you’re acting like someone else? Maybe you are.
This is a time of great unrest for the Clanden and the Baliel, something is unfolding right in front of us. The transition is easy for some, but for others, it’s disastrous.
Do you know what it feels like to lose your mind? Aurelious Forty does. Be protective of your...

Tender Love: A Christian Romance (The True Love Series Book 1)
Juliette Duncan

After her longterm relationship falls apart, Tessa Scott is left questioning God’s plan for her life, and she’s feeling vulnerable and unsure of how to move forward. Ben Williams is struggling to keep the pieces of his life together after his wife of fourteen years walks out on him and their teenage son. Stephanie, Tessa’s housemate, knows the pain both Tessa and Ben have suffered. When she is inadvertently instrumental in setting up a meeting between them, there’s no denying that...

Across the Water: Tales of the Human Heart
Phil Harvey

Awardwinning author Phil Harvey has said, “We rarely recognize the extent to which human happiness requires struggle.” Love and the relationships it spawns—with children, for parents, among friends, and between neighbors—are addressed in a moving collection that explores emotional struggle.
From headlinebreaking issues to everyday jealousies and acts of tenderness, Harvey’s stories offer a nuanced journey into the human heart.......