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The Darkest Hour: A Novel
Tony Schumacher

A crackling, highly imaginative thriller debut in the vein of W.E.B. Griffin and Philip Kerr, set in Germanoccupied London at the close of World War II, in which a hardened British detective jeopardizes his own life to save an innocent soul and achieve the 1946. The Nazis have conquered the British, and now occupy Great Britain, using brutality and fear to control its citizens. John Henry Rossett, a decorated British war hero and former police sergeant, has been reassigned to the Office of...

Have You Read?
Starlight's Curse
K. C. Sprayberry

The discovery of three teenage girls found hanging from an ancient elm tree, alleged suicides, on the grounds of abandoned Starlight Mansion by a teenage boy sets him on a mission to find the truth. Nearly forty years later, now the sheriff, Big Jake finds himself drawn into the investigation of a mysterious “suicide” and the disappearance of another teenager.
Jayme Barclay sees her fifteenyearold daughter swinging on a rope from a tree at the mansion the county commissioner is...

Retribution of the Changed: Book 3 in the Redemption Series
Angelique S. Anderson

In the third and final book in the Redemption Series, hope and faith are crumbling, and many, many lives are lost. Families have been torn apart, and the Changed Ones have been almost entirely wiped from the Earth.
Leaving the love of his life behind, Castiel journies to Terra Enim, for a final encounter with the Hunter. Life, love and the end of the world hang in the balance.......

The Party's Over
David Cooper

.How would you react if you discovered that you had AIDS? Would you tell your family or friends? Would you take revenge and infect others? Do you know anyone who has AIDS? How does this affect your own life? This is a true story which answers these questions. It is a story which will touch the hearts and give hope to those living with AIDS/HIV and the families who are caring for them.

Sky Dancers: Eternal Apocalypse, Book 1
E.E. Isherwood

Elle is a typical doomsday bunker teenager, at least until she finds a crumbling section of tunnel and discovers a big lie about her world. She craves freedom, even if it means going into the plague-ravaged wasteland outside her home. But once there, she discovers the true threat to her people, and her own future, lies coiled inside the dark tunnels she left behind.

Kool Kid Kruncha and The High Trapeze: An illustrated,
Emma Calin

Charlie finds it tough when his parents divorce but Auntie Kate helps him overcome his greatest fear.Award winning bestseller Emma Calin's brand new series of illustrated modern fairy tales for kids. Enjoyed by intermediate readers and also popular shared aloud with beginner readers.When Charlie has to move from the country into the city, he leaves behind his home, his school, his mates and his beloved football team. He will need to make new friends. With his small size and red hair, some...