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Murder in St. Luietz,: Guns - Stilettos & Money
Richard Nurse

Special Agent Deborah BeGoud, uses a backdoor method to kill a committee vote on a contract in the U. S. Senate. Done out of the love for her husband, and to protect him from possible criminal prosecution, little does she know that her actions will backfire. Triggering savage and gruesome murders on the island of St. Luietz, the emotional loss of her husband, and involve both Washington and Moscow to become involved.......

Have You Read?
The Two-Term Jinx!: Why Most Presidents Stumble in Their Second
Edward Moser

The TwoTerm Jinx!: Why Most SecondTerm Presidents Stumble, and How Some Succeed, Volume 1, is a popular account of the wild presidencies of the twoterm Chief Executives, from George Washington to Theodore Roosevelt. It details how most two termers have had unsuccessful or unlucky second terms.
Lincoln and McKinley were both assassinated early in their second terms. George Washington was afflicted by ill health, by pirates, and by Alexander Hamilton’s departure. James Madison fled to...

Spirits of the Season: A Longbow Initiative Short Story
James McDonald

FBI Agent Jericho Spears long term surveillance operation is disrupted by a visiting agent looking for the location of an exclusive Halloween party. When one of the smugglers under investigation drops dead in the middle of the street right after a drop of suspect merchandise, Spears is pulled into a world he can’t believe exists.
Or that he is being invited to the Halloween party for the gods.

Creepy Little Dolls
Parrish Gore

For middleaged doortodoor vacuum cleaner salesman Clayton Boudreaux, life couldn't get any worse. Sales were at an alltime low. His marriage to a controlling and unappreciative wife made his daily grind all the more unbearable.
Clayton dreams of a better and happier life that he knows that is impossible. Until one day... as he is driving home from another poor day of sales, Clayton has a chance to change his life.
The question is, will Clayton's life change for the better, or...

Mystic Valley
P.S. Winn

It has been a year since Matt Compton's mysterious and horrible death, while camping at Mystic Valley, next to McClain Army base. Now his brother Matt, and friends Brandi and Scott are headed to Mystic Valley and McClain Army base for some answers. Finding a way in may be easier than finding a way out.......

Vanguard of Man
JD Lovil

Would You Sacrifice Your Humanity?
Dying of the Metaflu, Eric did. He volunteered for the Vanguard program. The Program changed him, and made him stronger, faster, smarter, and nearly indestructible. He became Enki of the Vanguard.
A desperate Humanity created the Vanguard to be the immortal crews of Ark ships fleeing a dying Earth, hoping to seed Mankind among the stars.
Sexless, independent, and intelligent beyond measure, Enki's bonds with humanity grow weaker over the />