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Murder in St. Luietz,: Guns - Stilettos & Money
Richard Nurse

Special Agent Deborah BeGoud, uses a backdoor method to kill a committee vote on a contract in the U. S. Senate. Done out of the love for her husband, and to protect him from possible criminal prosecution, little does she know that her actions will backfire. Triggering savage and gruesome murders on the island of St. Luietz, the emotional loss of her husband, and involve both Washington and Moscow to become involved.......

Have You Read?
Blood Phoenix: Rebirth (Broken World Book 1)
Alisha Costanzo

Ria thought her life was normal and boring, but this poor NYC girl gets a bite of reality when she is flung into the world of the undead. An evil queen, werewolves, and monsters are the least of her problems if she can’t get her shit together.

The Thousand Years War: The Trilogy
Angel Medina

The complete Thousand Years War Trilogy has arrived on one complete collection. Enjoy the complete odyssey of Angel, Maria, Dayvon and Luis from start to finish as they will have to go through many trials including facing their biggest fears and facing their past. The best part is once you finish with one story you can hop on over to the next story just like a movie. Prepared for many hours of twists and turns and an adventure where anything that can happen will happen? Then hop on in the...

Searching Civilization (Citizens of Civlization)
Jennifer Ott

After leaving an abusive relationship, Andy Daniels heads back to Las Vegas to reunite with Earl, the love of her life, only to find him gone. Devastated from losing him, she realizes life holds for her several choices, return to her burntout hippie days at Berkley, succumb to society’s expectations and settle down with a suitable companion, or hold onto her faith in love and wait for her lost love to return. Andy chooses the latter.
To her friends, Andy’s clinging to love seems...

Books for kids: Alligator In The Bath (Bedtime Stories for
Suzanne Pollen

An ideal children's book for early learning
and bedtime reading
The second in The Red Alligator Series.
In this episode the mischievous Little Red Alligator,
who has been having great fun splashing and
playing with Sammy and Duck and of course
Cledwin and Clarissa the two friendly bath time
dragons, then goes missing!
Where can he be??......

Gone Fishing: A Tony Gavel Mystery
JW Metcalf

After being Injured during his last case. Tony Gavel decides to head up to his hunting cabin in Red Valley Falls to recuperate.
While there, Tony learns that a serial killer escaped transfer to a Federal Penitentiary and has killed a few people in the surrounding woods around town.
When Sheriff Myers, one of Tony’s good friends, winds up murdered Tony takes up the manhunt to find Doogan 'The Ear' Ashe.
Evidence suggests that his friend Sheriff Myers was not killed by Doogan but by...