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Murder in St. Luietz,: Guns - Stilettos & Money
Richard Nurse

Special Agent Deborah BeGoud, uses a backdoor method to kill a committee vote on a contract in the U. S. Senate. Done out of the love for her husband, and to protect him from possible criminal prosecution, little does she know that her actions will backfire. Triggering savage and gruesome murders on the island of St. Luietz, the emotional loss of her husband, and involve both Washington and Moscow to become involved.......

Have You Read?
Jaye C Blakemore

Dr. Constance Avery, a middleaged, workaholic psychologist thriving in Beverly Hills is asked by her partners to stop using what some would call an unconventional treatment regression therapy. She chooses the alternative to leave the comfort of their successful practice.
Little does she know the day she started her own practice and continues using regression therapy as part of her patients’ treatment, her life would take a dramatic change.
A chance meeting with Lauren, a waitress at...

Cobra Z (Necropolis Trilogy Book 1)
Sean Deville

What if one day you find your world suddenly torn apart? Entranced by your daily routine, you hear the terrifying news that makes your blood run cold. A devastating man made virus has been unleashed on the world, a virus so lethal that it rapidly turns everyone it infects into rabid, blood crazed killers. Maniacs so devoid of humanity that their only goal in life is to rip the flesh from your very body, and kill or infect the people you love the most. Would you panic? Would you rush...

Dark One's Mistress (Dark One Trilogy Book 1)
Aldrea Alien

For centuries, the people have lived under the protection of their socalled Dark Lord. Now, with news of his death reaching the quiet village of Everdark, rumour whispers that his son, Lucias, is hunting for a mistress to beget him an heir.

Seventeenyearold Clara doesn't put much stock in village gossip, until she finds herself forcibly taken to the Lord's fortress. Escape is not easy. She has no way out and, against a man with magic, little chance of fighting back. But the Lords are...

Kader Rawat

People of the Colony tells the story of this young girl of the High of SaintPaul who wanted to escape from the life of misery that she had known up until the day she decided to look for work among the wealthy people of the city. This thirst to succeed her life will result in a succession of adventure, where she would have been able to lose herself for ever, if she had not shown a hinged, despite she have got to endure the most difficult situations as for example bearing a child conceived in...

Girlie and the War of the Wasps (Girlie's Adventures Book 1)

Girlie is a young blue ladybug who sees her best friend kidnapped. Venturing after her, she discovers some naughty wasps who need to learn about healthy eating. Along the way, Girlie meets many different characters, some who are helpful and some who aren't.......