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If you love the strange, surreal and unusual or are just looking for something different, you are in the right place.

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Nothing Is Strange
Mike Russell

20 mindexpanding short stories.
Inspiring, liberating, otherworldly, magical, surreal, bizarre, funny, disturbing, unique... all of these words have been used to describe the stories of Mike Russell so put on your top hat, open your third eye and enjoy: Nothing Is Strange......

Have You Read?
The Rise of the New Bloods, Darkness Rising
K.A. Hambly

Sequel to The Rise of the New Bloods, From Dark Beginnings

Eleven months later, and Jyrki is back again. In Wales. What has the ancient prophecy got planned for him now?
Having left New York to embark on a UK tour with the Black Stones, Jyrki set sails across the Atlantic to London, but things don't go according to plan well they won't when you're still a vampire.
As Jyrki and Blaze begin to start their music career they meet a mysterious cab driver called Dave who takes them...


An anthology of short stories about the difficulties people had to go through in Ghana in the late seventies and eighties and how they survived,through all kinds of means......

Dark Water
Shaunna Rodriguez

In the small town of York Harbor, Massachusetts young women are being abducted and their bodies never found.
He stood out on the small dock and stared out at the calm, dark waters in front of him. He stuffed his hands deeper into his pockets as the chill of night bit into any exposed skin.
“Hello old friend. I’m back and I’ve missed you.” He breathed out his greeting into the dark of night. His breath puffed out in small clouds of smoke. Perhaps he was drawn to the...

Poetic Justice (The Justice Series Book 1)
Lori James

Reedited Kindle Version Nov. 2014
When Homicide Detective Mark Stevens receives a phone call to report to a bloody crime scene, he has no idea how his life is about to change. When he finds himself having feelings for the murder victim’s sister, he’s determined to remain professional.
The new, ambitious prosecuting attorney can’t wait to sink his teeth into his first murder trial. Seemingly lucky for him, a murder victim’s body is found his first day on the job. Not so luckily...

Pursued by the Playboy (Doctors of Rittenhouse Square Book 1)
Jill Blake

A bachelor who's finally looking to settle down meets a careerdriven woman who doesn't believe in love...
Kate Warner isn't interested in romance. After years of bearing silent witness to the disaster zone of her parents' marriage, the last thing Kate wants is a husband and kids. Besides, she's on the fast track to academic success at an Ivy League university.
Enter Dr. Marc DiStefano, star of the university hospital's department of gynecology. Tired of the Barbiedoll wannabe's of...