Victoria Valentine writing as January Valentine. by Victoria Valentine

Victoria Valentine is a New York writer and Indie Book Publisher. She founded Skyline Publications in 2000 and Water Forest Press Books in 2006. Victoria writes spicy romance, horror and thrillers as January Valentine. She writes Young Adult and Children's stories as Victoria Valentine. Victoria also dabbles in poetry, and has published a book of romantic poetry entitled, Desert Noon, lost poetry by Victoria Valentine. Her poetry anthology, Our Little Black Book of Ills, was written as a testimonial to her husband's battle with a deadly sarcoma. Victoria has published eight novels, her latest a young adult duo, Agony of Being Me & Finding you. She published two children's storbooks: The Cutest Little Duckie & Walking In A Giant's Footsteps.

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Agony Of Being Me: Teen * New Adult * Coming of Age Romance
Victoria Valentine

Agony of Being Me is Part One of a Two Book Set. Finding You is Book Two
Anticipated Release date of Finding You is on or before June 30, 2016 and is available for Pre Order on Amazon..
An intense teen & young adult romantic drama intended for coming of age & other readers 16
For some girls, life is a romance novel; for others, a horror story. Zoe Channing has it all: beauty, brains, talent. She owns the heart of high school hottie, Jesse Sinclair. She’s the star of the school...

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