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Dragons of Jade
Jean Lauzier

There’s no such thing as dragons.
Of that, Jade Delaney was sure. She may not have known who she was or where she came from, but at least she had a plan for her future.
All that changes when a dragon summons her back to the world from which she came. There, she learns dragons are real, the truth of her birth, and just why she was abandoned as a toddler.
Now she must discover and stop whoever is killing the dragons, while avoiding the man who is hunting her.

Have You Read?
Sachael Dreams (The Mine Series Book 1)
Melody Winter

Twentytwoyearold Estelle Bailey has had enough of busy citylife and her hottempered ex. She escapes to the seclusion and peace of her family’s clifftop home in Ravenscar, where the soothing solitude whispers to her soul as strongly as the sea itself does. But her newfound contentment is interrupted when a mysterious man—a Sachael, master of seduction—joins her midnight swim unexpectedly.
Estelle struggles against his charm and the overpowering attraction she feels for him. He offers...

Ingress: Volume Nine (The Journals of Meghan McDonnell Book 9)
Meghan McDonnell

Ingress is the ninth installment of the personal journals in which, for 30 years, writer Meghan McDonnell has chronicled her life beginning at age eight through present day. With searing candor and tenderness, her musings on daily experiences and observations of family, social and romantic relationships, and the interior life coalesce in a commentary on facing passion and fear, embracing the light and dark, and American life in the 21st century. Wide in scope and vivid in detail, her...

City Times and Other Poems
Vihang A. Naik

Vihang A. Naik throws light on the life of a city in all its shades, glory and misery in his City Times and Other Poems. It is an anthology of his intuitive and philosophical poems. The Poems are divided in 6 segmentsi.e. 'Love Song of a Journey Man' is more or less an inner travelogue, The segments, for instance, 'Mirrored Man' is about the other chimeras in the city .The people in the city are capricious like the walk of a crab or the colours of a chameleon. While, 'The Path of Wisdom' is...

Pseudo Boyfriend (McQueen Family Book 1)
Marianna Nemeth

Eleanor James is a good girl. She has everything. Job, money, a best friend, family and a perfect boyfriend.
But then her mother invites her to her wedding weekend. Her boyfriend broke up with her. She needs someone for a weekend.
Alexander McQueen has money, friends but no family. He just wanted to have a weakend alone. How the hell did he end up on a long weekend with Eleanor James in Hawaii?
And what happens next?......

They Walk Alone: The Tragic Journey of Dementia
Bob Kern

It is pure torture to watch a loved one slowly lose everything and know there is nothing that can be done for them
It is so important to reassure your loved ones during the early stages of this disease. The more worked up they get, the more inept and useless they feel. Nobody should feel this way, especially those in the early stages of dementia. It’s not easy to be patient under normal circumstances. It’s even harder the fifteenth time you’re looking for a cell phone or car...