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JD Stanley has been freelance writing since the 90's after several years as a radio host and commercial copywriter. JD's dark fantasy, Blood Runner, is a Canada Book Award winner that also snagged a Readers Favorite 5-star review seal. JD maintains a life long love affair with history and mythology and has been a practising Druid for over 20 years which provides fuel and background for further fantasy stories. Beyond writing, JD is co-executive producer/screenwriter, webmaster and “corporate boring stuff guy” for the independent film promotion and production company, Bony Fiddle.

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Blood Runner
J.D. Stanley

He’s cranky, he’s old, he just wants to be left alone.
Healer by trade, antihero by grudging acceptance, vampire by... mistake? Richard struggles with his bloodstealing nature for five thousand years until Maggie incinerates his life during the 1700's. But it doesn't end there, not as long as Captain William Blackthorn, vicious pirate with an ancient secret, is still skulking around.
Fast forward to a modern day Ontario forest. After invading his sanctuary, when the burgeoning...

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A young maiden ruled by a grasping father who will stop at nothing to promote his own cause with the King...even using his daughter's beautiful face and enticing body to fain high favour.
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He'll Find You: Till Death Do Us Part
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In a remote village of northwestern postRevolution Romania, Ovidiu Todoran, a poor subsistence farmer, is murdered. His 18year old pregnant daughter, Tatiana, is missing. Whisked away to Bucharest by her wealthy American lover, Kenton Farraday, Tatiana dreams of a future full of the love and riches she’s seen on American television. Instead, Tatiana is kept a virtual prisoner in the Farraday family’s large, but hostile Bucharest home. A search for her and her father is conducted in her...

Is That Billinge Lump: Sell the Pig series Book II (The Sell
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But was France ready for her depressed dipsomaniac brother, her nearly nonogenarian mother who enjoyed saying “bum” and “bugger” and her elderly collie with a weak heart and his own blog?
Is That Billinge Lump? continues the saga which began with Sell the Pig. With Tottie's candid style to tell a...

Liberation Of Worlds
Neil Davies

One year on from the invasion of Earth and the Szuiltans are in control, effectively ruling both Earth and Aks.
Humanity is getting ready to fight back, but will it be too late as the Szuiltans show signs of evolving and their President instigates plans for the future survival of the Szuiltan race....

After Realm
Renee Travis

Hellebella is not your average teenager. She is a demon princess from the underworld. She does, however, have teenager tendencies. She is outspoken, blunt, funny and rebellious. When a final act of rebellion sends her father into a rage, he sends her off to the North American School of Paranormal Princessing where he hopes she can learn to become a proper young lady and do something constructive with her life.
Not the only princess being sent away to the NASPP, Hellebella meets a lively...