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Child Bride
Rita Michaels

Aisha is a young girl forcefully married to a wealthy fortyyearold man.
The poverty in her family is heightened by the drought in her country. Daily, she visits her mother’s dry farmland, praying for rain to fall and moisten the soil. She knows all hope is lost.
Having sustained her family for as long as he could, after her father’s sudden disappearance, her uncle decides the marriage is their last resort. She must marry her old suitor, or bear the responsibility should her...

Have You Read?
The Song of the Cypress
Tonia Parronchi

Annie sets out to make a better life for herself in a mystical, timelessly beautiful Tuscan valley. Intrigued by Joe, her American neighbour and strangely drawn to the ancient cypress which protects her new home, she begins to stretch the boundaries of her world. Her inner journey is guided by the cypress and by its old guardian Fiammetta, who the locals believe to be a witch.
Let the cypress reveal the secrets of its song, in a story that will enchant you and surprise you with its...

The Black Tower: The Complete Series
David R. Beshears

A team of scientists travels the eighty floors of a strange black tower, where each floor is an alternate world fraught with danger, striving to reach the top floor and the dark force behind the creation of the looming monolith.
This novella serial is based on the eleven one hour screenplays of the television miniseries "The Black Tower".

Secret Society: A Canoples Investigations Novella
K. C. Sprayberry

Mother Ship destroyed. Innumerable losses. A mysterious invitation. Problems at every turn. And the threat of returning violence.
Corina Amberchuck refuses to believe her parents are responsible for the loss of Mother Ship. When no one will help her prove that she’s right, she reaches out on a memorized band width, connecting with the infamous BD Bradford for help.......

The Awakening (Hope and Magic)
Amanda Steel

The second short novel in a series of three.
Hope has been under a sleeping curse for ten years. Now she's about to wake up and discover how different the world is from the one she knew before. Witches out number humans. While many humans have magic, it's not enough to defeat the witches. That job falls to Hope and her twin brother Ben, but neither of them are sure how they're supposed to fulfil their destiny.......

Paws for a Tale: A Sudden Insight Publishing Anthology

All profits from this book will be donated to the SPCA, in honor of all of the wonderful things they do for abused and abandoned animals.
Eight short stories from eight indie authors. While these stories tiein to a series or book the authors have previously published, they all stand on their own.
Michael R. Stern tells us just what God created in "Selections from The Gospel According to Saint O'Russell shares the origin of one of the most enigmatic characters from her The Tethering...