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Shaunna Rodriguez

This will be a Christmas homecoming Charlotte Dempsey will never forget.
After twelve years of being gone, tragedy has brought Manhattan's Business Mogul, Charlotte Dempsey, home for Christmas to the tiny town of Mistletoe where there's a surprise around every corner. This years snow storm may have blown in a frosty front outside but inside, amidst crackling fires, holiday baking and hot apple cider, romance is beginning to fill the air. What started out as a tragedy has brought...

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Kai's Journey Box Set: Books 1, 2, 3,

"Kai's Journey" is a story about a young man, set ten years in the future. Kai has spent those years fighting for survival and trying to find a way rid the world of the disease his father created. His father was a military scientist charged with the task of perfecting a formula that would create a superior breed of soldiers. Like a virus, it soon spreads to the entire world, unleashing a period of unsurpassed chaos and conflict.
In the midst of this turmoil, Kai comes across a young...

The Fractured Shards (A Menagerie of Letters Book 1)
Jennifer Dellow

What if you could sit round a table with your Heart, Soul, Mind and Death? What would you say; and more importantly...what would they say to you? A collection of conversations, pleas, arguments and confessions.......

Christine Vann

Life isn’t easy when you don’t own yourself, not all humans are aware that other species exist, and your ship is semisentient. Kerris and Arucken are an interspecies messenger team, tasked with aiding communication across the galaxy. Haunted by the grief of her sister's murder and stranded, Kerris must discover who is stealing the minds of children.......

Blame It on the Moon: Storm Lake West (Southern Urban Fantasy)
Livia Quinn

Welcome to the world of the Destiny Paramortals, the continuing story of Jack and Tempe, Montana and Conor, and other quirky citizens, as new Paramortals are born and stuff happens.
Come! Enter Middle Earth! You won't want to leave.
“Storm Crazy is awesome! I love this series!” Storm Crazy
“I didn’t want it to end.” Cry Me a River
“Oh My God, I loved this book. Walk don’t run to the buy button…” Eve of Chaos

It’s the height of the Paramoon and...

The Last Dragon Slayer (Deathsworn Arc Book 1)
Martyn Stanley

Saul Karza, wizard of the Empire, has been given a quest by the Empress herself: To find and slay a mythical 'noble dragon' said to be near invulnerable.
Instead of leading a large band of soldiers, archers and spellcasters; he sets out with two immigrant dockworkers and a homeless dwarf. 
What Saul needs is the legendary 'Last Dragon Slayer' on his side, because on this deadly quest, it's not only Saul's favour with the Empress that's at stake but also his life.
The Deathsworn...