How to slip inside your character's mind by Melbourne Romance Writers Guild

How do writers dig deep into the minds of their characters? Take a walk on the wild side and see how I delved into the minds and motivations of my heroine in Lethal in Love.

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Lethal in Love: The Complete Book
Michelle Somers

Finalist for the 2016 Romantic Book of the Year (RuBY).
Longlisted for Sisters in Crime's 2016 Davitt Award.
Winner of the 2013 Valerie Parv Award.
Jayda Thomasz is a sassy homicide detective who never lets her emotions get in the way of a case. So when a serial killer reemerges after 25 years, the last thing she expects is to catch herself fantasising over the hot, smoothtalking stranger who crosses the path of her investigation.

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Cold Angel Days (Dica Series Book 4)
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