Noel and Jackie's Journeys by Jackie Parry

Travelling by barge, sailboat, horse or bike... and writing about it!

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Of Foreign Build: From Corporate Girl to Sea-Gypsy Woman
Jackie Parry

After suffering an emotionallybrutal bereavement and against her counsellor’s advice, Jackie ran away. Suddenly within a new culture, with a new husband, and no friends, she was living in the obscure world of cruising with zero knowledge of boats.
Crashing within the first twentyfour hours, Jackie realised life would never be the same again; a floating home with no fridge or hot water, and with a dinghy instead of a car. Suffering self doubts, she became fearful of her new world.

Have You Read?
Clive Culverhouse

Cedric of Golloth, or Ced as he preferred, was only doing what he always wanted to do and it just so happened that he was very good at it. How was he to know it would lead to him having to flee Golloth and the woman he loved?
It was a painful decision to make but he had to stay alive and keep Leza safe.
Now Ced was on the run for his life, being hunted by the Brahgs and King Brahglehad the Nineteenth would stop at nothing to get what Ced had inadvertently created. Ced’s work held...

Marie Godley

Cassie was just trying to get through her Alevels at school, then Sheridan showed up and changed everything.
Sheridan was a seeker. It was his duty to find a girl, a girl prophesised to save his kingdom.
He knew Cassie was the one. Could he persuade her to risk everything, including the possibility of never getting back home?
If she did accompany him through the gateway to Jesnia, could she make a difference and change the fate of his kingdom?

A Man's Promise
Michelle Anderson Picarella

Protection. Love. Vengeance. Secrecy. Each man is worth nothing more than his word. His promise. 7DS Books debuts another thoughtprovoking theme for this multigenre short story collection expressing the root of man. Discover the force behind each man in seven different tales of death, deceit, devotion and beyond as they keep their word, no matter the consequences.......

The Rest of Me
Brenda Thornlow

When Renee and Luke first met in Los Angeles in 1990, there was no doubt that their lives would never be the same. Despite their very different backgrounds, Luke is everything Renee ever dreamt of in a man, and Luke is convinced he’s met the one woman he never wants to live without. Overnight, a series of events takes place causing them to disappear from one another’s lives, seemingly without explanation.
More than twentyfive years later, Renee is divorced and still living in Los...

Amie Stolen Future
Lucinda E Clarke

Amie returns to her beloved Africa and a settled life, but her enemies have neither forgiven nor forgotten her. They are determined to take their revenge and reclaim their honour. The events of one night change everything, leaving her with no home, no friends and no name; no future. Suddenly she no longer exists and those controlling her make it clear; she either obeys or she dies.
Stolen Future is the third book in the 'Amie' series international multi award winning 1 bestsellers on...