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Not an Egg!
Cheryl Matthynssens

Helping a child accept that there will be a new baby in the house can be difficult. Not an Egg is a view of the feelings an older child can experience when a family is expecting a new child. For a child who is used to getting all the attention, this create feelings of being left out or competing with the new baby.
Not an Egg allows your child to explore these feelings through the eyes of a little dragon and a new egg. It leaves the parent an opportunity to discuss what to expect and...

Have You Read?
Echoes of Kin (Mary Howard Supernatural Mysteries Book 2)
Charmain Marie Mitchell

Mary Howard can see dead people. A gift, that up until a few months previously, she detested. However, she was starting to change her mind, especially as this ability had gained her a boyfriend, helped her gain the insight to write a bestselling book, and had encouraged her to start a paranormal investigating company.
Everything should be peachy but it isn't. She's been dumped by the said boyfriend, and now, to top it all off, she's being haunted by a spirit which seems to be intent on...

Jack The Ripper Versus Sherlock Holmes...: Sherlock Holmes
Phillip Duke Ph.D.

Jack The Ripper is history's most infamous killer and mutilating butcher of women, he was never identified. Sherlock Holmes is the world's most famous murder mystery detective, he never failed and solved every case. Both men were products of the same Victorian era, and lived in the same city, London. It was inevitable that their paths would cross.
Jack The Ripper was an all too real serial killer and mutilating butcher of women, while detective Sherlock Holmes was the brilliant...

Times of Trouble: Christian End Times Thriller (The End Times
Cliff Ball

Times of Trouble is book two of seven of the Christian fiction series, The End Times Saga
FBI Agent Brian Atwood is used to danger, and when he hunts down leads to a terrorist plot and saves a U.S. Airbase, he's eventually offered a position to be the personal bodyguard of the President of the United States. The job not only tests his skills as an agent, but also his faith as a Christian when he discovers that the President has the morals of an alley cat. As Brian tries to come to terms...

An Icy Death: The High Country Mystery Series (The High
Vickie Britton

In the heart of a raging blizzard Sheriff Jeff McQuede discovers a woman frozen to death in her car. At first he believes her death to be an unfortunate accidentuntil he finds clues that point to coldblooded murder. Margaret’s husband, Arthur, left her in the stalled vehicle to brave the storm and manages to reach Joe Trevino’s isolated ranch. The case becomes more complicated because of the recent warehouse robberies at Trevino’s store. McQueede finds that Trevino is Margaret...

Captured by the Hawk
Aurora Springer

Spaceship crash across the galaxy in this Space Novella
Intrepid spy, Grey Kat, is trapped by the notorious pirate, Captain Black Hawk. While dodging pursuit by the Emperor’s ships, Kat strives to discover his tragic secret before she suffers the fate of his unfortunate wife