A Place to Heal your Soul by Maria Pelisek

In the game of Life the most important thing is not the game itself but the player. What do you know about your player?

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Master of the Force 1: Warriors of a Higher Power (Warriors of
Karl Kaulback

A new brand of warrior is on the move in a dimension beyond earth. There is an evil presence lurking in the darkness waiting for an opportunity to take it’s victim. An eternity of isolation and suffering is only one thought away. The power of suggestion is a force that can turn even the gentlest of spirits ugly. For these fearless warriors anything can happen in the blink of an eye so they must stay focused on their task of eliminating these demons before their world is totally sucked into...

Stream of Light (The Vision Chronicles Book 6)
Chariss K. Walker

Danger is always present in this sixth installment of The Vision Chronicles. Peril lurks behind every door for family and friends, but James is more determined than ever to protect those he loves. His visions have become so intense that he risks severe consequences each time he uses his paranormal ability. Stream of Light picks up where Open Spaces left off. Continue the journey in this slice-of-life paranormal thriller.

John C. Dalglish

An officer is missing and Jason and Vanessa must discover what happened to their colleague before it's too late.
This case is filled with secrets, some between partners, some inside the department, and
Jason finds himself in the middle.
He's trying to sort it all out, and not screw up because people he cares about are counting on him, and he can't let them down.
Even if he has to take out One of their Own.
Edited by Samantha Gordon, Invisible Ink Editing


The Girl from the North (Pathway of the Chosen Book 1)
Cat Bruno

When a dark stranger, beautiful and haunting, approaches the flamehaired girl on a solitary stretch of beach, she senses that her life at the Healer’s Academy is about to change. As his hands reach for her forehead, gliding across it with intimacy and purpose, suddenly, she remembers who he is, and who he has been. Yet, still, Bronwen wonders why she was chosen, and fears what the mysterious man's presence in her life will mean. Before he turns to leave, she asks why he has come and why it...

Planet Of The Eggs: Cracked Open

The eggs arrive as darkness descends on the Planet of The Eggs.
Lost in the mists of time the magic of Eggland reemerges with the arrival of the Anointed Six. Under the guardian wing of Eight Hooter, an owl of great wisdom, the newly laid eggs embark on perilous adventures.
A prophesy kept by the Mystic Council heralds their arrival and predicts their rolls in rescuing Eggland from dark forces.
But our eggs are young and untested and unsure. Will they pass the test in the first...