A Place to Heal your Soul by Maria Pelisek

In the game of Life the most important thing is not the game itself but the player. What do you know about your player?

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The Day I packed for Heaven
Maria Pelisek

The Day I packed for Heaven is an extraordinary reallife story.
One sunny afternoon, Maria, a young woman in her late 20's has a decision to make, to refuse or accept chemotherapy for a second time.
She chooses to refuse.
The young woman decides to defy the odds and refuses her only choice; this is not because she wants to die but because she just desperately wants to live.
She knows what is expected from her but she sets off to find the life she always wanted, not the one...

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Wicked Intentions
JoAnne Myers

Blood Ties
Audra Roper has disturbing visions about her twin sister’s disappearance, suspecting her brotherinlaw Doug of Lisa’s death.
Police officer Tyler Pettit tries to help, but when the law fails, Audra assumes Lisa’s identity, plays amateur detective and discovers a bloody scene. All isn’t what it seems as her life becomes a roller coaster of danger, heartbreak and intrigue.
Dark Visions
When Carrie Reynolds starts having nightmares on her twentysixth birthday,...

The Heart Listens to No One: it hums its own song
Purba Chakraborty

A collection of 35 love poems on Unconditional love, Longing, Romance, Fond reminisces and Separation.
The heart listens to no one. It hums its own song. This is primarily the reason why love and music are so much interrelated. When a person falls in love, his heart becomes an orchestra of emotions which churns out a beautiful song, audible only to the heart of his lover.
There are different kinds of love stories, but one thing is same in all of them. In every love story, there is a...

The Gangster's Wife
Anne Brooke

When 53yearold Elise Walker returns home after a day at the office to find her husband Gerald dead of a heart attack, she doesn’t expect a visit from the police with revelations about Gerald’s secret life.
Soon, however, her own life takes a distinctive turn for the surreal, with missing loot, online crime and curious neighbours the least of her problems. Not to mention trying to deal with neverending funeral arrangements and stay on top of her job.
Thank goodness then for the...

Monstrous Consequences: Zombie Zero: The Short Stories Vol. 5
J.K. Norry

When polite society becomes a thing of the past…
Ian’s Shame has become his whole life. He used to be a pretty standup guy, until he got hurt. After the pain went away, Ian kept trying to get more pain pills. You should see who he hangs out with now.
Michelle’s Luck has kept her alive through the looting and the chaos. Now that the monsters have crossed the pond, can it help her survive the zombie apocalypse? Michelle is hoping so; it’s all she has left.
Monster Breakup...

Darkness and Dragons (Tal'Avern Chronicles Book 2)
Scott Borgman

The world of Tal’Avern is in turmoil. In the northern part of the Province, an open rebellion has raged for more than two years against Queen Salia, which began shortly after she assumed the throne. To the west, in the lands of Mar’Druk, the dwarves stay isolated within their mountain cities, wanting nothing to do with the problems that plague their onceclose allies. And to the south, in the hot and desolate lands known as the Ashlands, something stirs and looks to the north with...