WrongPlaceAtTheWrongTime by David P Perlmutter

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Wrong Place Wrong Time: Gripping true story and how my ticket
David P Perlmutter

1 Best Seller in True Crime in USA, Australia, India, Spain and 4 in UK! Also top 50 across Amazon in Drama and Biography!
The following story is based on true events about my trip to Marbella, Spain.
Having lost everything, I leave memories of a London police cell behind me and head for Spain with its promise of adventure and fun. Little do I know that I'm about to be thrust into the most terrifying time of my life.
WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME is a gripping...

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Bakers, Bundt Cakes & Bodies (Sweet Seduction Mystery Book 1)
Shaunna Rodriguez

Sugar and spice and everything nice is not what you get with Tara Parks when it comes to Creative Confections Bakeoff.
After four years of whisking, mixing and whipping her way to the top at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, Tara’s dream of owning her own bakery has finally come full circle. Returning home to Depoe Bay, she and best friend, Corey Wallace, have opened the doors to Sweet Seductions Bakery.
Buddies since grade school, Corey Wallace and Stephen Briggs grew up sweeping the girls...

Only Time Will Tell
Sherry Lewis

Courtney Moss only came back to her quiet hometown of Virginia City, Montana, to clean out her grandmother's attic—and she's only attending the town Victorian Ball as a favor to a friend who's helping her. But when she slips into an antique rose gown, she miraculously slips out of the modern world...and ends up in Virginia City during the gold rush. 
Heath Sullivan finds her locked in a shed—all dolled up and talking crazy. He's never seen a woman like Courtney in a wild boomtown...

It Started With A Car Crash
Jill Maciel

Based on real life experiences, this story details one woman's journey from two decades of abuse to an almost normal life. Together, with her young daughter, they find a way to survive the pitfalls of starting a new life with new challenges.......

The Mouse Who Howled At The Moon: Illustrated by Laura Dewsnap
Sarah Hindmarsh

Harvey has always been the odd mouse out at the orphanage where he lives. Join him and his animal friends and find out just why it is that he has to howl at the full moon, and how this will help when a gang of mean owls moves in to the wood next door. Can Harvey save the orphanage from the owls? And will the other animals at the orphanage accept him as one of them when they hear all about his secret talent?
Beautifully illustrated by Laura Dewsnap, The Mouse Who Howled at the Moon, is a...