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A Model Murder (Alicia Allen Investigates Book 1)
Celia Conrad

A Model Murder is a fastpaced mystery that draws scary, sometimes hilarious, parallels between alpha males in strip clubs and law firms.

This first book in the Alicia Allen Investigates Trilogy introduces Alicia Allen, a 29yearold London AngloItalian lawyer whose desire for Pringles is matched only by her desire to solve crime. When her neighbor—a beautiful aspiring Australian model—is found raped and murdered before she can pick up her first paycheck at a sleazy “hostess”...

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LUCKY: Little Black scrapBook of Gangland Visuals
Christian Cipollini

Heavy on the imagery; light on the words. A companion and compliment to Christian Cipollini's book and comic book series on Lucky Luciano.......

Raised In Evil
Neil Davies

Supernatural Horror Fiction.
Raymond Shaw has a past he has all but eradicated from his memory. A twisted past involving his parents, a defrocked priest, satanic rituals and murder. But now he dreams of dead girls and he knows the past has resurfaced and is calling to him, calling him back to the purpose he was raised for.
Detective Inspector Frank Giles is investigating a series of ritualistic murders that bring terrifying memories of an earlier case back to him. There had been...

Babylon's Downfall: An Uncivil War Adventure
M.J. Logue

Yorkshire, 1644
Colonel Hollie Babbitt’s never been conventional. Never had to be. But it's time he grew up and went respectable: a coming man with a wife and family, enjoying the favour of the CommanderinChief of the Army of Parliament, his future seems assured – if he keeps his head down.
But the rebel rabble won't let him. Worse; they seem determined to bring every disapproving eye in the Army their way.
Following a humiliating defeat at the siege of Lathom House, Hollie...

Firestorm: Descent
Alan Porter

A world ravaged by war; humanity on the brink.
A stranger comes from another time.
Is he the saviour mankind has been waiting for... or something far darker?
When an accident with an experimental Time Machine plunges David Tweed into another dimension, at first he thinks he got lucky. He's alive, and the world in which he finds himself seems remarkably familiar.
Soon, however, he begins to realise how strange this world really is, how tangible is the evil that crawls across the...

PATH - Paranormal Assisted Treasure Hunters: Return of the Reich
Robert A Webster

Who knows that Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide in the Füehrerbunker in 1945?
Besides the US President, who else knows there is a spirit guide in the White House?
They do!
This gripping paranormal thriller will have you mesmerised.
Churchill Potts is a powerful psychic and guardian of an earth bound portal. His team, comprising of two psychic guides, find treasures hidden by lost souls during their lifetime and give them to their living descendants.
After Churchill is...