Who Do You Think You Are – A Writer??? by Kathy Marvel

Yes. Yes, I do. As a writer, I can tell you that it truly takes a very long time to believe it enough to actually say these words, “I am a writer.” They are definitely not easy words to say. As writers, we tend to say things like “I am writing” or “I write,” but to finally say “I am a writer,” let’s face it- it is incredibly difficult to get those words to cross our lips – especially the first time saying it. Why? Why is it so hard to say those four words? When I began writing, I thought, “Well… I write, but does that make me a writer?” When can I begin to consider myself and more importantly (I thought) when will others perceive me as “a writer?” At what point can I say, “I am a writer,” and actually believe it? Especially prior to publishing, I felt like a fraud. What proof did I have that I was a writer?

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The Seven-Year Bitch and a little perspective
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