Who Do You Think You Are – A Writer??? by Kathy Marvel

Yes. Yes, I do. As a writer, I can tell you that it truly takes a very long time to believe it enough to actually say these words, “I am a writer.” They are definitely not easy words to say. As writers, we tend to say things like “I am writing” or “I write,” but to finally say “I am a writer,” let’s face it- it is incredibly difficult to get those words to cross our lips – especially the first time saying it. Why? Why is it so hard to say those four words? When I began writing, I thought, “Well… I write, but does that make me a writer?” When can I begin to consider myself and more importantly (I thought) when will others perceive me as “a writer?” At what point can I say, “I am a writer,” and actually believe it? Especially prior to publishing, I felt like a fraud. What proof did I have that I was a writer?

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The Seven-Year Bitch and a little perspective
Kathy Marvel

The SevenYear Bitch takes the reader through the griping that commonly occurs among girlfriends when they have the opportunity to get together. More often than not, husbands are the focus of such griping. As women, we all love our husbands dearly, yet we gripe. The SevenYear Birch and a Little Perspective validates women in the minor irritations that they may feel from day to day in their journey through marriage while at the same time brings a renewed appreciation of their partner.......

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Candie is not Always Sweet (Jasper, Street-Fighter, and Me Book
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REVISED EDITION Now Professionally Edited and Proof Read by Story Perfect Editing Service
I called this the REVISED EDITION, because release of this version of the story, marks the beginning of a new era for myself as a writer/author. This is the first book of mine that has gone through a Professional Assessment, Professional Edit, and Professional Proofreading. Since the story grew by over 7,000 words, it is being released as a new book, with a new ASIN/ISBN.
Welcome to the new...

The Making of a Mage King: Prince in Hiding
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...and then found out they weren't your parents at all?
Sean's parents die under confusing circumstances. But then the scret reveals itself. Sean's parents aren't really his parents after all.
Sean isn't who he thinks he is at all. Not even close.
Follow Sean through his journey of personal discovery and the revelations of the magical world around him. He discovers his own magic and that family is relative.........

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He stood out on the small dock and stared out at the calm, dark waters in front of him. He stuffed his hands deeper into his pockets as the chill of night bit into any exposed skin.
“Hello old friend. I’m back and I’ve missed you.” He breathed out his greeting into the dark of night. His breath puffed out in small clouds of smoke. Perhaps he was drawn to the...

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