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Back by Sunrise: A magical realism story (Eternal Light Book 1)
Justin Sloan

A young girl learns that love and family are forever with the help of a magical necklace that transforms her into a bird.

Movie rights recently optioned!
A modern day Land Before Time, “Back by Sunrise” illustrates a thoughtful coming of age story which shows how a child might interpret, and subsequently deal with, loss when tragedy strikes.......

Have You Read?
Finding Bones
Dale Hollis

Fifteenyearold Darius Rogers and his highschool sweetheart, Tisha Banks, live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are known for being two of the brightest students in their class, and also for being inseparable; to see one of them is to see both of them. That is, until Darius loses his father due to an itchyfingered carjacker.
In a city that houses a multitude of small gangs, Darius is informed by some neighborhood thugs that they know who’s responsible for killing his father. That brings a...

The Bucktown Babies: A Demon Hunter Paranormal Thriller (Father
Janine R. Pestel

Recipient of a Readers Favorite 5 Star Review
In this gripping thriller, we see that demons are real and they like the souls of babies and unborn children alike. Father Gunter is a demon’s worst nightmare. But even he will need help to destroy the demon that is killing the babies of Bucktown, a small farming community. Help does come, but from a very unlikely, and unexpected, source. Will it be enough to see the demon hunter through the final showdown with evil?
If Father Gunter can...

The Lovers' Tango
Mark Rubinstein

Everything in Bill Shaw's life changed the moment he met the beautiful actress Nora Reyes. But as a writer, he feared their love story would have a tragic ending. Fifteen years after that fateful encounter, Bill is in the DA's crosshairs: his research for a novel has eerie parallels to the circumstances surrounding Nora's death. In a harrowing progression of events, a murder trial ensues. What exactly did happen between Bill and Nora the day she died? And what constitutes truth? Fiction and...

A Flight of Raptors (Paws & Claws Book 2)
Ralph Vaughan

In this sequel to the popular "Paws & Claws: A Three Dog Mystery," Levi, Sunny and Yoda return to battle evil in the form of a gang of Raptors who call themselves the Birds of Prey. At stake is the freedom of a lost tribe of Parrots exiled from their home decades earlier. Even as the operatives of the Three Dog Detective Agency challenge the predatory Raptors, however, another peril arises, an illegal "school" where dogs are forced to fight to the death in savage gladiatorial combat. For...

A Storm on the Moon (A Menagerie of Letters Book 2)
Jennifer Dellow

The mind is like a storm on the moon. There is no evidence to show how it could be possible for this depth, this confusion to exist.
Yet it does.
Each heave brings solace but fear that there is more to come. In life, there is always more to come and each flash, each strike should be embraced.......