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I’d like to provide one of many links to create a QR code, which stands for Quick Response code, and is used with the smart phones. You can download the QR code app on your phone, which is free, and then you can go to www.qrstuff.com. You can use any link, but I use my Amazon purchase link for the sole purpose of book festivals, author signing; anywhere I’m selling my books. I embed that code icon onto my informational sheet I spoke of earlier that I display on my author table. The reason is, anyone with a smart phone can scan the code and it will immediately take them to the buying page for your book on Amazon. This will come in handy if you run out of books at a festival. Let’s face it, that’s a great feeling, but if you sell out early and you have a few hours to remain at the festival, you certainly don’t want to turn away a sale. The patron can purchase it online right then and there.

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Sullivan's Secret (Marie Bartek and the SIPS Team Book 1)
Robin Murphy

Dr. Marie Bartek’s life has been perfect as the local veterinarian on Sullivan’s Island, SC, until her ability to see spirits returns after eighteen years. After confiding in her best friend and realizing their interests in the paranormal, they organize a paranormal investigation team called Sullivan’s Island Paranormal Society, SIPS.
Marie learns to channel her ability through the help of one of the team members, who is a medium, but not before learning the spirits are trying to...

Have You Read?
Stewart Bint

By the twentyseventh century, mankind has finally mastered time travel—and is driving recklessly towards wiping itself out.
The guerilla environmentalist group WorldSave, with its chief operative Ashday’s Child, uses the Timeshaft to correct mistakes of the past in an effort to extend the life of the planet.
But the enigmatic Ashday’s Child has his own destiny to accomplish, and will do whatever it takes within a complicated web of paradoxes to do so. While his destiny—and...

Dangerous Perceptions: Unintended Consequences

When Wayne Jackson crosses a line, takes something of irreplaceable value and threatens it’s existence the laws of civilized society cease to exist.
Steve Tait attempts to rebalance the scales by using military tactics and deadly force, while his wife must use her wits, guile and strength of will in order to survive.
The gloves are off, everything is up for grabs, millions are at stake and unconventional solutions are suddenly the only options available to resolve the unintended...

Pseudo Boyfriend (McQueen Family Book 1)
Marianna Nemeth

Eleanor James is a good girl. She has everything. Job, money, a best friend, family and a perfect boyfriend.
But then her mother invites her to her wedding weekend. Her boyfriend broke up with her. She needs someone for a weekend.
Alexander McQueen has money, friends but no family. He just wanted to have a weakend alone. How the hell did he end up on a long weekend with Eleanor James in Hawaii?
And what happens next?......

Half Missing
Jane Lebak

"Honey? I think you have a twin."
Amber Brickman used to dream of unearthing ancient civilizations with her soulmate. But now she's the Assistant Fire Marshal, sifting through burn sites while the walls are still warm, looking for evidence of arson. It's the life she's pieced together after her fiancé was murdered just weeks before their wedding. Ashes are easier to sort out than broken hearts, and paperwork doesn't leave you lonely.

She's not asking for more, but she's about to...

The Mossback Cafe Cookbook: Texas Cooking from the Pages of The
Thomas Fenske

Have you ever wondered what fictional characters might like to eat?Well, The Mossback Cafe Cookbook is the place to find out.  
This little restaurant first drew attention in Thomas Fenske's debut novel, THE FEVER, when a massive serving of Huevos Rancheros Especial was plopped down on a table by owner, Smidgeon Toll. 
"There, what do you think of that?" she asked. 
The description of gooey, spicy, goodness that followed left readers hungry for more. 
Smidgeon will delight...