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Sherlock Holmes: The Coils of Time & Other Stories (Sherlock
Ralph Vaughan

Upon Sherlock Holmes' return to London after the Great Hiatus, he thwarted the murderous plans of Colonel Sebastian Moran, but what happened after that? Here, for the first time, learn what really drew Holmes back to London, the truth about the strange Vanishments and the East End Ghosts, and how the entirety of Time & Space was contained in a single night. In other stories, we learn exactly what Mrs Hudson's life was like with the most troublesome lodger in London, what Watson witnessed in...

Have You Read?
Jaye C Blakemore

Dr. Constance Avery, a middleaged, workaholic psychologist thriving in Beverly Hills is asked by her partners to stop using what some would call an unconventional treatment regression therapy. She chooses the alternative to leave the comfort of their successful practice.
Little does she know the day she started her own practice and continues using regression therapy as part of her patients’ treatment, her life would take a dramatic change.
A chance meeting with Lauren, a waitress at...

Shadowland: A Tale From The Dark Ages
C.M. Gray

We grow up with the Legend of King Arthur, but where did he come from? Who was Merlin? What part did the Druids play in bringing Arthur to his round table? This is the story that came before, when Britain was just a Shadowland.
On the night of Midwinter's Eve, a storyteller takes his listeners back to the Dark Ages and a tale from his youth:
`I have lived more years than I can remember, probably more than the sum of all your years combined. Kings have called me friend and brigands have...

Creating A Wonderful Life.: How to Take Control and Live the
Michael O'Hagan

Build a Life That Delivers Success and is Deeply Fulfilling.
What you choose on this day will be a pivotal point that will change your life forever. Will you take the challenge to improve your life? Can you take the first step to create your very own Wonderful Life?
Do you want to;
• have truly effective communication skills?
• a positive mind and resilient outlook.?
• make the right choices even in demanding and stressful situations?
• know how to create robust...

Silver Thread Spinner (La Lune Blanche Book 4)
Lara Biyuts

The life of Jocelyn and his fosterfather Anthony goes on,and the story of Anthony’s next adult lover is continued too. The new detective subplot which will be developed and finished in the next sequel. A winter tale and poems written by my main adult character. A story of an Egyptologist which is a part of the main plot and completing this volume.......

Entertaining Angels: A Christmas Novella
M. J. Logue

Winter, 1660.
Retired from the Army after twenty years of service, Major Thankful Russell's whole life till now has been made up of war and intelligence. And now in peacetime, he suspects no more war and, on current showing, precious little intelligence.
The idea of spending Christmas surrounded by drunkenness and debauchery at His Majesty's court is more than he can bear and so he begs leave, to spend a quiet...