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Sherlock Holmes: The Coils of Time & Other Stories (Sherlock
Ralph Vaughan

Upon Sherlock Holmes' return to London after the Great Hiatus, he thwarted the murderous plans of Colonel Sebastian Moran, but what happened after that? Here, for the first time, learn what really drew Holmes back to London, the truth about the strange Vanishments and the East End Ghosts, and how the entirety of Time & Space was contained in a single night. In other stories, we learn exactly what Mrs Hudson's life was like with the most troublesome lodger in London, what Watson witnessed in...

Have You Read?
The Ex Who Glowed in the Dark (Charley's Ghost Book 2)
Sally Berneathy

Book 2 in Charley’s Ghost series
Amanda was in the process of divorcing her lying, cheating husband Charley when he was murdered, so she’s stuck with his last name. And even worse, she’s stuck with his ghost.
She can’t seem to get rid of his ghost, but at least she is able to go to court and get rid of his name. Elated at the small victory, she returns to her motorcycle repair shop ready to celebrate. But her assistant, Dawson, is having a...

From the First Coast
Jaeme Haviland

Jaeme has again distilled the essence of his time in north Florida in From The First Coast. A second collection of essays and stories, this time he rediscovers his home state.......

The Epistles of Alexander Reed (An Urban Fantasy)
Gabriel Nelson

Inspired by works such as the Dresden Files, Dracula and the Harry Potter series, this book is a mustread for readers of magic and urban fantasy.

Alexander Quincy Reed is hoping for a normal day off of school spent at the local library. Unfortunately, he's not that lucky.
A simple library visit quickly turns into a vicious game of lifeordeath as Alex is drawn into a fairytalelike world where where battlelines are blurred and vendettas are common. With only a smokelike stranger as...

Forever Avalon
Mark Piggott

Stephanie Drake and her three children—Ashley, Rose and Hunter—are just glad to be alive after that
terrible storm slammed their boat ashore on an uncharted island. What started as a oneday jaunt at sea to lay a
wreath where Stephanie’s husband and the children’s father—a sailor in the U.S. Navy, lost at sea during a similar
storm—has turned into a living nightmare.
They fi nd themselves in another world … on the mythical island of Avalon, where magical c...

The Mystery of Planet Wer
Anna L. Walls

Planet 874.1639.3 was deemed fit for colonization, but its one lingering mystery remained hidden until the colonists were settling in. By then it was too late. Quarantine was put in place immediately, and the colonists were on their own. They couldn't leave the surface and remain human. On the surface it was voluntary, and even useful at times. In time, the colonists took some pride in the society that grew out of the Terror Wars, but the mystery remained ever elusive, so they went in search...