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Wasted Space: A Tony Gavel Mystery
JW Metcalf

When a successful business man is found dead in his home, the police rule it a suicide. However, not everyone is convinced that a man who seemed to have it all would take his own life.
Private investigator, Tony Gavel, is hired to find out the truth of the matter. Tony's investigation leads him from the carefully manicured lawns of the suburbs to the seedy underbelly of the Big City. As he delves futher into the case , he uncovers secrets, lies, and danger at every turn. When an attempt...

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The Deadly Art of Deception (Caribou King Mysteries Book 1)
Linda Crowder

Only two seasons matter in Coho Bay, Alaska cruise ship and winter. Caribou King, owner of The Broken Antler Gallery, is hipdeep in tourists when her old college pal Taylor shows up asking for refuge, saying she has no place else to go. Cara is cautious; Taylor was the wife of one of Alaska's most renowned artists––Jonathan Snow, who was mauled to death by a bear the previous year. Why would his widow want to return to the location of her tragic loss? Something about Taylor's story...

Onyx Heart
Donna Campbell

Luke Logan, the wealthy young owner of The Double Jay Ranch, lost his wife and his sight in one tragic day. But a seductive and enigmatic vampire offers him eternal life, unimaginable power and vision. In desperate desire for an end to his blindness and loneliness, Luke leaves his old life behind and follows the temptress.
The beguiling creature is not what Luke expected. He soon finds himself hating the vile lifestyle, yet addicted to the blood he is forced to spill. Luke hears rumors...

Bonds of Resolve (Cadicle #3): An Epic Space Opera Series
Amy DuBoff

A year after his encounter with the Bakzen, Wil is still grappling with his upcoming role in the war. Weighed down by his sense of duty and a grim vision of his fate, he has withdrawn from friends and family—focusing only on his official assignments. However, Wil finds unexpected support when he befriends a new TSS trainee from Earth, Saera. Through their budding relationship, Wil comes to terms with the purpose he was born to fulfill and gains comfort in the knowledge that he won't have...

The Complete Botolf Chronicles
Steve Downes

Cosmogonic Marbles
Temporal Tome
& Gadzooks Armageddon ... all three novels in one eBook......

A Rock Star Reader By Kindergarten
Lorraine Carey

What if you had the knowledge to some of the best tips and tricks from a veteran children’s reading specialist that will enable you to turn your child into a superstar reader?
Make kindergarten a successful experience for your child! Inside ‘A Rock star Reader by Kindergarten’ you will find easy, DIY tips and secrets to teach your preschooler how to be a successful reader and a lifelong lover of literacy. Yes, I am revealing tried and tested techniques that have transformed...