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Wasted Space: A Tony Gavel Mystery
JW Metcalf

When a successful business man is found dead in his home, the police rule it a suicide. However, not everyone is convinced that a man who seemed to have it all would take his own life.
Private investigator, Tony Gavel, is hired to find out the truth of the matter. Tony's investigation leads him from the carefully manicured lawns of the suburbs to the seedy underbelly of the Big City. As he delves futher into the case , he uncovers secrets, lies, and danger at every turn. When an attempt...

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Rise of the Archmage (Deathsworn Arc Book 4)
Martyn Stanley

Saul Karza has defied the Isharian Church.
Now Melchiot is after his blood and desperate to silence anyone who may reveal the 'Truth'.
With quisitors, assassins, elves and verkreath, all after them it's definitely time for the companions to head to Votrex's home.
On the way though, they chance upon another gravian, a ghost from Brael's past. Can he finally get his curse removed and regain his ability to perform magic?
The Deathsworn Arc Series of Dark, Epic Fantasy Adventure...

Amandine and Emily
Monique Sansome

When a young Lady hires a new maid their relationship blossoms into more than Mistress and servant but this is Victorian England wrapped in moral hypocrisy and the road to happiness is filled with danger.......

10 Steps to Girlfriend Status (The Bird Face Series Book 2)
Cynthia T. Toney

"Without knowing or caring where I’d wind up, I sneaked out of the house and took off running."
Wendy Robichaud is on schedule to have everything she wants in high school: two loyal best friends, a complete and happy family, and a hunky boyfriend she’s had a crush on since eighth grade—until she and Mrs. Villaturo look at old photo albums together. That’s when Mrs. V sees her dead husband and hints at a scandal down in Cajun country. Faster than you can say “crawdad,” Wendy...

Jacob (The Extraordinary Character Collection Book 1)
Brett Ermilio

Nearly 20 years in the making, the award winning story of "Jacob" comes to the publishing world. Author Brett Scott Ermilio wrote the tale of "Jacob" when he was just 19 years old. Soon after it won Sherill C. Corwin Writing Award for Best Screenplay. Optioned and nearly made a feature film numerous times over the past two decades, Brett finally decided to share the riveting dramatic tale, in this, his first fiction release. The family fiction novel boasts intense drama, intrigue, love and...

Snatched: a gripping and heart-breaking thriller
Stephen Edger

Abduction, terror, suspense and sorrow: SNATCHED is a breath-taking crime thriller and Amazon Bestseller.