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The Nememiah Chronicles: Knowledge Revealed
D.S. Williams

Charlotte Duncan has relocated to the small town of Puckhaber Falls with only one goal in mind to end her life after a devastating tragedy in her past.
The friendly nature of local residents, along with an accidental meeting with a mysterious stranger, give Charlotte reason to pause and reconsider the path she has chosen.
She finds herself drawn to Lucas Tine the man is an enigma and Charlotte has difficulty understanding why she is so enamored of him. What is it about him that she...

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The Snowball Effect: Using Dividend & Interest Reinvestment To
Timothy J. McIntosh

The Snowball an income investing book that shows investors how to achieve their retirement goals by investing in bluechip dividend paying stocks, highyield bonds, and writing covered calls.It is the fourth book by well known investment author Timothy McIntosh, a fifteen year value portfolio listen to pundits and faceless Internet "experts" that claim you can make a profit by simply investing in volatile high growth stocks.  Consider instead the power of investing in safe dividend firms...

Zero Hour - A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller: Omnibus Edition
Eamon Ambrose

A sole survivor. A quest for answers. A deadly race against time. Nothing is as it seems, in this daring roboapocalyptic scifi thriller. Expanded from the original short story to a bestselling serial, Zero Hour is now collected in a single volume.......

Edge of Darkness (Submit to Darkness Book 1)
AJ Spencer

Edge of Darkness is an introduction to the series Submit to Darkness. Due to graphic content, this book is for mature audiences only.
This is not what one would consider a traditional romance novel as there are no brooding knights in tarnished armor waiting to be saved by some virginal lover's light.
This is a journey that has only one destination darkness. The darkness that lives in the mind, in the heart, and in the questionable soul of Derik Ryder.
Make no mistake, there...

Remember the Night: a Heroes of the Night military romance novel
Nicole Leiren

The Few. The Strong. The Brave.
Cody Jenkins thought serving in the military would help him escape heartbreak, but he never imagined meeting a woman like Evelyn. The only problem? After spending one unforgettable night together, she returned to her life far away from him and his service in the Army.
Perfection defines Evelyn Walters every moment, every day of her entire life. But with a recent divorce from her husband and a career in jeopardy, maintaining that carefully constructed...

Guarding The Lake (Teen Love Trilogy Book 3)
Dana Burkey

Enjoying the hot New York summers from her perch on a lifeguard chair at Sunrise Beach, Natalie is sad to see the season at Beechwood Estates come to a close. The rich gated community in upstate New York is home to families looking to spend the hottest months of the year relaxing at the resort style homes and shops around Lake Elinor. But none of that matters to Natalie. She has her eyes set on one thing, and one thing only: Michael Preston. After a loud and dramatic breakup with his fellow...