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The Nememiah Chronicles: Knowledge Revealed
D.S. Williams

Charlotte Duncan has relocated to the small town of Puckhaber Falls with only one goal in mind to end her life after a devastating tragedy in her past.
The friendly nature of local residents, along with an accidental meeting with a mysterious stranger, give Charlotte reason to pause and reconsider the path she has chosen.
She finds herself drawn to Lucas Tine the man is an enigma and Charlotte has difficulty understanding why she is so enamored of him. What is it about him that she...

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Date Night (Wish Come True Book 1)
R.C. Matthews

Ever since Jordan Billette’s father, Jeremy, died unexpectedly when she was eight years old, Jordan and her paternal grandmother (‘Grannie’) have shared a special bond by creating a tribute to Jeremy: a scrapbook that documents the important milestone of Jordan’s life from her first report card with letter grades, to her first kiss, to graduating from college.
Upon graduating from college, only one significant milestone remains; her wedding day. When Grannie is diagnosed with...

Gods in Darkness (Lit Pulp Book 3)
David J. West

A CryptoCosmic Delight of Wonder and Terror
Learn the truth of the secret war in space with both the Soviets and dark technomancers bent on world domination. Thrill to incredible truths buried in the sands of ages or in our own Area 51. Know the stark terror of reading a forbiden book of the damned when the stars overhead are not quite right. And finally, love knows no bounds through time and spaceespecially for one of Lovecraft's Elder Things. All these and more lurk at the edge of...

The Gift of Christmas
Kelly Matthews

Lisa is not the most enthusiastic person when it comes to Christmas but she has her reasons. When she inherits her grandfather’s farm in New York, she takes off from London to work at her dream job in a publishing firm. But little does she know how quickly her life will turn around when weird, synchronistic events and a guy she meets on Twitter steer her towards her life’s true purpose. Will Lisa find her love for Christmas in more ways than one?......

Holes in My Armor
Walter Rice

A truck cuts off Clay Sutler on his Seattle commute, but his complaint only gets him mixed up with Tara and her brilliant, scheming mind. Clay has a lot in common with Tara, mainly Montana, where his parents died too early and where he never wants to go back. But his hometown is exactly where Tara wants him to go and solve her cousin’s cold case murder. Now Tara even makes him a suspect in a police database while she chips away at his resistance.
Clay does his best to sidestep...

Love a Foot Above the Ground
Anna Burke

“In those happy days we were so much in love we lived about a foot above the ground. We had one perfect Christmas then, I lost him. It took me a while to find him again—but this time it was forever.”
As my dear Bernadette spoke those words I felt the ground shift, just a little. Not unlike one of the small tremors that move the earth for those of us who live along the San Andreas faultline. I was only nine years old at the time, so I had no way of knowing how much the story that...