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The place to come for random thoughts and vague musings from the dark recesses of the mind of D.S. Williams, Author.

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The Nememiah Chronicles: Knowledge Revealed
D.S. Williams

Charlotte Duncan has relocated to the small town of Puckhaber Falls with only one goal in mind to end her life after a devastating tragedy in her past.
The friendly nature of local residents, along with an accidental meeting with a mysterious stranger, give Charlotte reason to pause and reconsider the path she has chosen.
She finds herself drawn to Lucas Tine the man is an enigma and Charlotte has difficulty understanding why she is so enamored of him. What is it about him that she...

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Hit and Run (Dragon Drop Series Book 1)
Beth Lauzier

Catherin’s day started like any other, but it sure didn’t end that way.
What was to be a sleepover and pizza ends with bad guys and running for her life. And just what’s that thing under her bed?
Her friend Madison shows up, but Madison knows more than she’s telling.
Catherin is about to see a different side of her friend. In fact, Catherin’s about to see a whole world she never knew existed.

James Amoateng

It is an anthology of 15 poems......

The Connolly Affair: The First Dance
Brett Ermilio

Awardwinning writer, Brett Scott Ermilio, delivers his highly anticipated romance/suspense series, The Connolly Affair.
Nicki Connolly’s life has flat lined. Nicki’s dull marriage to her husband, Aiden, flounders further and further into a hopeless abyss. Despite the setbacks, Nicki attempts to balance being a working mother, a successful attorney and relishes the distractions of a budding romance with a man named Taylor Diamond. Nicki has been assigned lead attorney in a massive...

Just Another Sunday: A Novel (Fate Book 1)
Elizabeth Good

Just Another Sunday Is Anything but Ordinary
Set against the backdrop of the turbulent late 1960s and early 1970s, Just Another Sunday is inspired by actual events and follows Lia Benedict, a teenager growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey.
In the spring of 1968, Lia is 15 years old when her ItalianAmerican family decides to leave Brooklyn for their dream home in the suburbs. But Lia is reluctant to pull up roots and go anywhere, especially to some godforsaken Jersey town. “I...

Wolf Blood: A Moon Grove Paranormal Romance Thriller - Book One
Maggie Anderson

An isolated town, a near death escape, and a man she should stay away from…
When psychologist Paige O’Connell learns of her uncle’s untimely death, and discovers she’s his sole beneficiary, she moves back to the rural country township of Moon Grove where she was born to begin a new phase in her life. But it’s not the new beginning she is hoping for. The picturesque town is rife with sinister secrets and the unwelcoming residents want no part of her.

Soon after settling...