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My blog contains posts related to my published books, guest posts by fellow mystery writers, background material about the plots and places featured in the books, and our dogs who play feature roles or bit parts in the books. Reader comments are welcomed.

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The Body in the Bed
Jerold Last

Roger and Suzanne return to Montevideo, Uruguay to attend a festive dinner honoring their friend's promotion to police captain. There's a surprise guest waiting for them when they arrive in their hotel room. Who killed the body they find in the bed? Roger and Suzanne are the lead suspects in a murder, their allies on the police forces of Uruguay and Paraguay may be the targets of a conspiracy, and nobody can be trusted. This fast paced, action filled, novella should satisfy readers of...

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Peer Pressure vs. True Friendship - Surviving Primary School
Dr. Orly Katz

Children's books ages 912
Surviving Primary School! Discover how to deal with peer pressure and find your true friends…,
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It all started on one completely normal afternoon when Claire invited her friend Penny to come over to her house.
They chatted on Facebook for a while until Claire went out of the room for a few minutes. The moment she stepped out of the door Penny went straight back to the computer which...

Legacy of Luck (Druid's Brooch Series, #3)
Christy Nicholas

Irish Traveler Éamonn loves gambling, women, and drinking, not necessarily in that order. But he’s entangled in a true mess when he falls for fiery redhead, Katie. When she’s married to a Scottish Traveler, Éamonn travels to Scotland to find her, with the help of Katie’s sister and cousin, and the magical brooch gifted by his father. Their quest takes them across the Irish Sea to the Isle of Skye, encountering war, betrayal, death. In the end, Éamonn must make his own luck.......

Last Rites (Paranormal Detectives Book 5)
Lily Luchesi

Power is the deadliest desire.
With Leander put to rest and the Paranormal Investigative Division taken care of by the Coven Mistress, Danny and Angelica are finally ready to take some time for themselves while Angelica gets used to her new role as the Empress and they make their relationship official.
When people close to Angelica are murdered by what seems to be a rogue vampire, their sabbatical is cut short in order for her to find the perp and execute him or her.
But this is no...

Steven Nedelton

Nemesis is the second part of A Suitcase Mystery, its denouement.
A deadly secret in a suitcase full of stolen gold leads to a series of unexplainable murders while the FBI hunts for a top foreign killer spy.
The story starts in Latvia, near Riga, during the final days of the Second World War. A young boy Ben Kalninsh searches an abandoned coal mine tunnel for stolen guns the soldiers hid inside. Unfortunately for him, he meets an AWOL Soviet Army officer on the run instead. The...

Mother of Wolves (Evalyce Worldshaper Book 1)
J. Aislynn d'Merricksson

It is a year of awakening and change for Kalla kyl’Solidor the Wolf Who Sleeps.
After Kalla's home is attacked by a fire wyvern, she is set on a harsh path to selfdiscovery. With the future of their world at stake, Kalla and her magister set on a journey that will shake the foundation of De Sikkari and carve their destiny.
From the depths of Xibalba to the plains of Arkkadia, and the soaring heights of the sky continent of Argoth, they journey to claim their rightful place in the...