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Read interviews with Sherlockian authors here. Derrick Belanger's Author Interview blog focuses on interviews with the creators of the hottest new Sherlock Holmes best sellers. Contact if interested in being interviewed.

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A Study in Terror: Sir arthur Conan Doyle's Revolutionary

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is one of those authors whose literary creation is much more famous than the man himself. Those who do know the name Arthur Conan Doyle tend to know him only as the inventor of the world's greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes. A smaller segment of this group goes further and remembers Doyle as the inventor of the great detective who squandered his fame with crackpot beliefs in faeries and the supernatural. Sadly, there is so much more to the man who revolutionized the...

Have You Read?
Idea Farming: A Science Guy's Read on Writing
C. R. Downing

As the subtitle states, this is "A Science Guy's Read on Writing." Over 8 chapters, the booklet explores how to find and idea and develop it into everything from a short story to a novella to a novel to a book series.
Using the analogy of various types of gardening and farming, author C. R. Downing presents personal experience and advice gleaned from others over his writing career.
Written in a conversational style, the booklet is designed for budding and experienced writers from...

How to teach English to speakers of other languages
David J Cooper

An easy tu use guide for teachers and students of TEFL.......

A Garden for Sarah
Felicia Mires

Sparks fly when Sarah meets Rick at Fairview's first landscaping outlet.
In a tank top and khaki shorts, with muscles rippling, it's easy to see why female customers are flocking for Rick's attention.
Sarah's mother pushes her to give this more than attractive gardener a little encouragement, which is exactly why Sarah isn't the least bit interested. She has to set her wellmeaning, but meddlesome, mother straight. "I am not interested in a dirty, sweaty gardener."
Of course, Rick...

Ascension Within: A Story of Angels & Fallen-Angels (Fallen
Julie Nicholls

The story continues from book two, Angel Within, where we left Eloise in a state of unrest at Kai’s disappearance. Can Eloise save Kai? If she does, is he going to be the same man she fell in love with? Or will he revert to his old persona? Confused by overwhelming emotions of despair and betrayal over losing her lover, Eloise finds inner strength and rages with determined purpose to aid her husband’s return.
Together with her comrades and the angel, Anael, she makes her plan to...

The Great Brownie Taste-off (The Yolanda's Yummery Series Book
Lisa Maliga

Yolanda Carter comes from a family of artisans and lives in her deceased grandparent's cottage in Sherman Oaks, California. She works at a small cat shelter but dreams of owning a bakery. Her friend from high school, Teagan Mishkin, knows that Yolanda needs money and suggests better paying work as a cocktail waitress. The interview takes an unexpected turn and she stumbles across a scheme to close down the cat shelter.
The plan Yolanda concocts may be the only way to save the shelter....