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Read interviews with Sherlockian authors here. Derrick Belanger's Author Interview blog focuses on interviews with the creators of the hottest new Sherlock Holmes best sellers. Contact if interested in being interviewed.

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A Study in Terror: Sir arthur Conan Doyle's Revolutionary

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is one of those authors whose literary creation is much more famous than the man himself. Those who do know the name Arthur Conan Doyle tend to know him only as the inventor of the world's greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes. A smaller segment of this group goes further and remembers Doyle as the inventor of the great detective who squandered his fame with crackpot beliefs in faeries and the supernatural. Sadly, there is so much more to the man who revolutionized the...

Have You Read?
The Greatest Gift
Marie Tayse

He has autism and she has never felt good enough. Together they set out on a daring adventure where they discover unconditional love in the most surprising of places.......

People of Dirt
C. C. Hogan

Series Two, Book Three
Don, the capital of the beautiful country of Sarn is besieged by the armies of Lefton and Tol Nalan and the icy winds that are blowing down from the north.
Preland is in the grip of the worst winter anyone can remember in hundreds of years, and from beyond the Red Mountains, a wagon train arrives, sent by the king of Wone. The people of the north are freezing to death and running of out of food. They need help, help that only the dragons can provide. But it will...

LILY LIVER SERIES:Rhyming Dog Stories
Susan Swain

The Lily Liver Series of rhyming stories introduces dalmatians Lily Liver and Two Pi R. Lily Liver learns to play ball with Boomerang the labrador in On the Ball. In On the Run, while Billy Brown the border collie guides the dalmatians, cocker spaniels Yankee Sam and Jake and Joe, and Australian terriers Sadie and her sister on their daily walk, they are ambushed by Wiley Shep. Can Billy protect his 'flock' from Wiley? Follow Lily in On the Plate as she tries to steal food from Herman the...

The Exiled: Continuation (The Exiled Trilogy Book 2)
Scott Borgman

Kaly is a normal 23 year old, in her last year of college. Or so she always believed. But when she becomes the target in Lucifer's newest attempt to escape his prison, the veil is lifted once more as Kaly discovers that some monsters are real, they're coming for her, and that her parents have secrets - she's one of them.

Drink, Drank, Drunk
Bill Stokes

Thirtyeight years ago I wrote a “Drink, Drank, Drunk,” series of six articles for the Milwaukee Journal in which I used my personal experience with booze along with pointing out the stranglehold the beer/booze industry has in formulating our absurd collective relationship with alcohol. Incredibly, a recent review of those articles leads to the inevitable and unfortunate conclusion that with only minor changes for updating statistics they could have been written yesterday.
Never in my...