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Read interviews with Sherlockian authors here. Derrick Belanger's Author Interview blog focuses on interviews with the creators of the hottest new Sherlock Holmes best sellers. Contact if interested in being interviewed.

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A Study in Terror: Sir arthur Conan Doyle's Revolutionary

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is one of those authors whose literary creation is much more famous than the man himself. Those who do know the name Arthur Conan Doyle tend to know him only as the inventor of the world's greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes. A smaller segment of this group goes further and remembers Doyle as the inventor of the great detective who squandered his fame with crackpot beliefs in faeries and the supernatural. Sadly, there is so much more to the man who revolutionized the...

Have You Read?
Amandine and Emily
Monique Sansome

When a young Lady hires a new maid their relationship blossoms into more than Mistress and servant but this is Victorian England wrapped in moral hypocrisy and the road to happiness is filled with danger.......

Time Split - Briggs
Patricia Smith

Sarah's battle to escape the postapocalyptic nuclear world results in a fight for her life and the need to seek help from an old friend.

The long awaited sequel to Time Split.......

The Spirus-Belisarus' Diary
JB Trepagnier

In “The Spirus”, we are introduced to Soryn and her destiny. Only her tutor knows about the first nineteen years of her life and why everything was kept for her. After the battle at Idric Island, we find her tutor, Belisarus’ diary. He wrote about her as she grew, how he taught her to use her gifts, and why he kept everything from her.
This is his diary. How did he take her from a locked, guarded room without waking her parents? How did he hide he was Theran from Soryn, given all of...

Caron Rider

A devastating asteroid is about to rain destruction and chaos down on our world. Scientists create two groups to save mankind, our culture, and our technology. One group goes into stasis while the other heads to Mars. Centuries later, those in stasis wake up to find the Martians have invaded!
Horribly scarred as a child from a Martian attack, Tedo is eventually thrown out of his clan to survive on his own. He stumbles across Alec, an artificial intelligence created by Cynthia Carter over...

Future Tales and Other Such Rubbish

Intoxicated extraterrestrial light fixtures , flesh eating furcovered beach balls, cupcakes that turn people into Marxists. Just another day for Futureman, the bumbling but wellintentioned In this short story anthology our protagonist, and the cast of memorable villains from It Came From Tomorrow, engage in tasks ranging from the mundane to the absurd.
The citizens of Capitol City learn the errors of building a spider farm next to a nuclear power plant, the space assassin Zane takes on a...