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Where Dreams and Visions Live (Anthologies of the Heart Book 1)
Mary Blowers

A new venture by author Mary Blowers to provide an audience for 38 authors, many publishing for the first time. Challenge your beliefs about Dreams and Visions in this anthology of short stories, essays, and poems.......

Have You Read?
Cosmic Rift (Grand Masters' Galaxy Book 4)
Aurora Springer

Empath Violet embarks on a new and desperate mission to find her missing lover.
Violet’s happy family life is shattered when Athanor Griffin vanishes. The formidable Grand Master might have teleported anywhere in the galaxy. Violet strives to find her psychic partner, while looking after their baby and fulfilling his duties on the Council. Her frantic search uncovers a new threat to galactic civilization along with resurgence of the infamous Ixioth slavers. The Council dithers in...

Foster Intellect (Aging Out Book 1)
Angelica Kate

Before her death, Mama Jean, as she was fondly known by the foster children she took in, set in motion the plans for the HertzelMendall Family Farm, a community established to offer homes to families that fostered children. The “Farm” offers therapeutic, recreational and many other services all in one place to achieve the best outcomes for children in the foster care system. “Mama” Jean Hertzel fostered teenagers who had run out of options. Teens who were considered unadoptable...

Lucky Luciano: Mysterious Tales of a Gangland Legend (Gangland
Christian Cipollini

AwardWinning Finalist in the True Crime: NonFiction category of the 2014 USA Best Book AwardsCharles Lucky Luciano is one of the most researched, discussed and dissected American mobsters of all time. His name has become synonymous with NY City's high drama gangland days of prohibition bootlegging, the information of the infamous five families, and controversy over his alleged Last Testament. However, there exists many fascinating and lurid tales and theories regarding Lucky's rise and fall...

Hunting the Beast (The Darkness Series)
A. S. McNair

A Darkness Series Novella
When is it a good time to fall in love? Not when you are on the run for your life and accused of treason and murder.
Jay, once right hand man to the Northwest Territory's leader, now is being tracked by the entire West Coast Hunter community. He stands accused of a murder he didn't commit. When his path crosses Anna's, he knows he can't afford to be distracted. To do so means his life. When is love ever convenient?
This novella dovetails with Book One in...

Minstrel's Renaissance: The Prophecy Trilogy Book Two
Richard Ayre

‘I forgot. How the hell could I forget?’
‘You forgot because you had to.’
Newcastle upon Tyne: 1999
Phil Sturgess is struggling on. He has just turned forty, the magazine he owns is going down the pan and his wife may, just may, be having an affair. Sturgess feels lost and alone.
But these things are about to become insignificant.
Because a figure from his past is about to reappear and remind him of what he once was. A figure who will throw him back into a hellish...