Interview with Marianne Wagner by The Writers’ Lens by MARIANNE WAGNER, who grew up in Norway.

What brings fiction into focus for you? When a character comes to life you recognize a part of yourself and start wondering if it could under some circumstance have been you. What do you think readers will like about your book? I think the readers will identify with some of my characters, which all have some very positive sides but are also all flawed, caught up in their own insecurities, needs and desires. They create obstacles both for themselves and the people they love. – and then when they think they have found some stability the unexpected happen… What makes your book/characters unique? This story, about Othilie, her two husbands and four daughters, is set in post-war Norway and gives a unique insight into Norwegian society and culture, much influenced by the prevalence of the icy climate as well as repeated loss of sovereignty to other powers, first the Danish, then the Swedes and lastly during Otti’s own childhood, five years of German occupation.

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Otti's Escape
Marianne Wagner

As the German troops march on the city, 10yearold Othilie escapes the clutches of the Nazis unharmed, or so it seems an episode that is largely forgotten for the next thirty years.
A young woman in the post war euphoria of new possibilities and freedoms, she decides to marry the wealthy Fredrik Holst. In spite of a warning from their common friend Bernard before the wedding, insinuating that Fred already has a mistress, their marriage flourishes and they establish a beautiful home and...

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