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Welcome to my blog. Topics ranging from the supernatural to author interviews can be found there. Read about some of the cases I've researched as a paranormal investigator for 30+ years.

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The Black Witch (Curse of the Witch Book 1)
Micheal Rivers

Supernatural/Occult and Parapsychology

The Black Witch is a profile in courage for those facing the uncertainty of death at the hands of pure evil. Set on the high seas in a vivid tale of desperation the characters come to life in this epic sea adventure.
It was said to be the sailing adventure of a lifetime. In an obscure marina in Maryland the Coe family discovered the schooner of their dreams. Reported dismantled off the coast of Australia the Black...

Have You Read?
The Code for Killing (The Dr Adam Bascom Mysteries Book 2)
William Savage

Murder and mystery return to the life of 18thcentury doctor and gentleman, Adam Bascom. Becoming bored with the tedium of his country practice, Adam is excited to be involved once again with the enigmatic Mr Wicken and his world of espionage and revolutionary war. This time, Adam is called to Norwich urgently to treat a young man in Wicken’s employment who has been assaulted and left with total memory loss.
Other mysteries follow thick and fast. What caused the murdered man to...

Unopened (Deploying Faith Series Book 1)
Michelle Lynn Brown

“Hannah smiled – a ghost of a smile happiness long since buried under the cruelty of circumstances. Their life had become a funeral of sorts where they were always grieving the loss of a child, the loss of a soldier, and now the loss of their love.”
Keith and Hannah Anderson have been through three miscarriages, multiple deployments, and shared in the loss of friends to the tragedy of war. Retirement should be easy – a fresh start for the weary couple. But Keith sees the move...

Annie's Heart
Barbara Edwards

Only two coins and a gold pendant heart separate widowed ANNIE MOSS from disaster. The fields need to be plowed, the barn repaired and food stored for the winter, but she is alone and afraid. Her dream of a home for her children hangs from the promise of a wandering man to keep moving on, a man she has no reason to trust.
TRACE RANDOLPH has lost everything except his honor, so when a desperate ANNIE saves his life he knows he must pay his debt, even if it means marrying her. The only...

The Maid of Orleans: Joan of Arc
Chris Lowry

When 16 year old Joan's fiance leaves the village to fight for the Dauphin, Joan enlists the aid of a local priest to fulfill a prophesy and build a legend and follow the young man to protect him from himself.
Packed with action and adventure romance, this work takes a different look at the heroine. The world needs female heroes and Joan of Arc fought back against a nation, fighting for her beliefs and her country.
A fast paced read this page turner will keep you glued to the end,...

Bridge Home
Stephanie Parker McKean

Following the tragic death of Egan Firewalker Quartz after only a short marriage, Texas Miz Mike’s stepdaughter, Flame, blindsides her with a vacation in Scotland—as well as an extremely unexpected boyfriend! The vacation turns chaotic when Mike finds a body while out walking—and minding her own business, of course!
Mike discovers the victim is connected to her former fiancé, Reverend Alan Evan Kirkland. An eyewitness claims to have seen Evan running from the murder scene. Evan is...