Suzanne Brandyn by Suzanne Brandyn

Author of Romance & Suspense set in Remote places.

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Outback Flames: Australian Rural Romantic Suspense
Suzanne Brandyn

A sexy jackaroo and a sultry jillaroo. Will fate take over from where they left off?
At thirteen, Zoe Montgomery's life changed overnight, the night her family and their property, Montagreen, went up in flames. The incident and her previous memories are wiped from her mind. Whisked away moments later by an unknown aunt, Zoe learns to grow up fast and learns the value of hard work.

Fifteen years later, after overhearing her aunt's whispers about Montagreen, and a girl called Zoe...

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There is a world around us that most people don't take the time to see.
Mara Stone's world was shaken, but she is a fighter. Facing new adversaries, Mara is learning what it truly means to protect the magic. As she starts to rebuild her life, the web of her family's secrets continues to unravel. Mara is forced to face her fear of losing everything she holds dear.
She said that you would be a challenge to my children. I thought I had made the right choice when I selected Eliza. If only...

The Verses of a Man: Words from the Heart, Mind and Soul of a
Romain Dolcy

The Verses of a Man goes deeper into the life of young male facing changes, challenges, life and conflict, coming to terms and understanding with different aspects of life over the years, in the form of verses and poetry. The author takes you on a ride into his life, he welcomes you in giving you an opportunity to veer through his eyes and make a connection not only on the surface but on a more complex, mature and serious level. Be prepared to delve in to the life, the mind, the heart and...

Space Ranger Fred and The Shoelace Adventure
Matthew Newnham

Space Ranger Fred is the youngest Space Ranger in the universe. Join Fred and his comic book hero Zando Centauri as they save the planet Jambori all thanks to Fred’s expert ability to tie his shoelaces.
Space Ranger Fred is a fun book for young children between the ages of 6 and 10. The Space Ranger Fred series is written to encourage young readers to read and the books are perfect for reading aloud to a child or children or for a child read alone. With Space Ranger Fred, everyday...

The Nexis Secret: A YA Novel
Barbara Hartzler

Angels. A Seer. A secret struggle.
Lucy McAllen was your typical snarky teen, until she got shipped off to boarding school in New York City. Now she's unraveling a centuriesold mystery hidden behind the scenes. And discovering powers she never knew she had.
Lucy's parents want her to join the elite Nexis Society so she can get into Yale. Fortunately,the Nexis president offers Lucy a guaranteed spot in their ranks. But her parents didn't mention another secret society on campus, the...

Amy's Pendant: A Sci-Fi Counter-Fantasy Novel
D.L. Morrese

Amy, the only child of a poor family living in the bustling city of Dolphin Point, is given an amazing and potentially dangerous pendant as a present for her fourteenth birthday. She does not know how amazing or how potentially dangerous it is. If she did, she would cherish it even more. She is that kind of girl.
Through her investigations of the mysterious pendant, she uncovers an ancient mystery—the remnants of a vast alien commercial enterprise buried beneath surface of the planet....