City of Ambrosial Dreams by Amarissa Amber Cale

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Angels & Their Demons: 2nd in the 'Angels Wear Lipstick' series
Amarissa Amber Cale

Katie is a young woman who escaped the cruelty she endured at home as a child. As an adult, she becomes caregiver to one of her abusers. Her peaceful life is soon interrupted by shocking accusations of murder. A whirlwind investigation leaves many to doubt Katie's innocence, including Katie herself. She finds support from an esteemed partner, but even he may not be able to prevent her conviction.
The second installment in the ‘Angels Wear Lipstick’ series follows a young woman who...

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Yesterday People: Book 3 of the Past Life Series
Terri Herman-Poncé

David Bellotti’s only focus is to find his abducted twelve-year old daughter. When he sees her on a news segment with her captor, a renowned archaeologist who’s made a major discovery, David sets out to bring her back home. But the search leads him to a secret message that could alter man’s history forever. A message David and his daughter inscribed twelve-thousand years ago. A message that will prove dangerous in the wrong hands.

Going to the Chapel (Crystal Springs Romances: The Wedding
Mary Jane Morgan

When Claire Coleman’s fiancé breaks up with her two months before their wedding, she is devastated. Yet once she’s over her initial grief, it doesn’t take long for her to yearn to experience the passion she now admits she never had with her fiancé. Fortunately, she’s met just the man to show her what she’s been missing—Sam McGinnis, a man who doesn’t get involved.
Perfect. Or so she thought.
Sam has sworn off rescuing women in need. And Claire Coleman is definitely in...

Annie Acorn's 2015 Valentine's Day Treasury (Annie Acorn's
Annie Acorn

Where can you find all the chocolates, flowers, love, and romance of Valentine’s Day? Where do first kisses, lifetime commitments, and second chances fill us with joy? Where do the things that matter take precedence over everyday concerns? Within the carefully crafted stories gathered for your enjoyment in Annie Acorn’s 2015 Valentine’s Day Treasury, a romancefilled, Valentine’s Day anthology!
With their words, members of From Women’s Pens, a cooperative of awardwinning...

Iris (Planted Flowers Book 2)
Anna K Payne

Isolation. Confusion. Hope.
Iris lives a life of efficiency. Everything about her is controlled and orderly. Only the handsome neighbor’s dog can bring a smile to her face.
Iris receives an anonymous gift one evening at work. When they discover the crude piece of art is created with bloodbased paint, Iris is drawn into a murder investigation. Reluctantly she accepts help from her neighbor.
Distrustful and lonely, Iris seeks to hear God’s voice in a small group of women. Will she...

Haven of Dante: The Graphic Novel
Leonardo Ramirez

The Dante family line has been in the fires of an ancient war between humanity and the nine circles of hell for generations. As a selfproclaimed “Aristocracy” the circles have now set their sights on the one chosen to fight the raging war … Haven Irena Dante. But soon after the tragic death of her mother, Haven endures the vile theft of her innocence and disappears. No one has seen or heard from her in two years … until now.