City of Ambrosial Dreams by Amarissa Amber Cale

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Angels & Their Demons: 2nd in the 'Angels Wear Lipstick' series
Amarissa Amber Cale

Katie is a young woman who escaped the cruelty she endured at home as a child. As an adult, she becomes caregiver to one of her abusers. Her peaceful life is soon interrupted by shocking accusations of murder. A whirlwind investigation leaves many to doubt Katie's innocence, including Katie herself. She finds support from an esteemed partner, but even he may not be able to prevent her conviction.
The second installment in the ‘Angels Wear Lipstick’ series follows a young woman who...

Have You Read?
Richard Whitten Barnes

Ben Posner is at the top of his scientific career when a change in CEOs drastically affects his lifestyle. Before anyone realizes, Ben is using alcohol to cope with his problems. This downward spiral finds him homeless and eventually rescued by the woman he has secretly loved. Together they begin to patch his life back together, only to face a charge of murder.......

Dating Down
Alex Dunn

Tammy’s got everything: wealth, designer clothes, store cards with unlimited credit, and Ralph Forrester, a dropdeadgorgeous firstyear law student who is going to take her to the endofterm dance.
There’s only one problem: Ralph Forrester doesn’t exist. He’s only alive in the pages of the Trudy Kensington novels, and unable to face being humiliated in front of the girls she longs to be like, Tammy runs away and headfirst into trouble.
Gary’s life is spiralling out of control...

Across the Water: Tales of the Human Heart
Phil Harvey

Awardwinning author Phil Harvey has said, “We rarely recognize the extent to which human happiness requires struggle.” Love and the relationships it spawns—with children, for parents, among friends, and between neighbors—are addressed in a moving collection that explores emotional struggle.
From headlinebreaking issues to everyday jealousies and acts of tenderness, Harvey’s stories offer a nuanced journey into the human heart.......

Danny Hallows and The Stones of Aurora: The Town Halloween
K.A. Hambly

Near what appears to be an ordinary town in South Wales lies a forest so ancient that locals believe it hosts otherworldly creatures. But as one boy knows, it is also the gateway to Aecleti; a mysterious and magical country created by the wizard Ambrosius.
Aecleti is being threatened by the evil King Vortigen who is seeking the Stones of Aurora which are said to contain the purest of magic. If the Stones fall into his hands he will become the most powerful ruler of his time, and nobody...

Blood Web: Caitlin Diggs Series #1
Gary Starta

FBI Special Agent Caitlin Diggs faces a paranormal killer when a crystal takes over a teen and leads her on a chase across the country. Empowering the teen with supernatural abilities, the crystal exacts revenge on descendants of soldiers responsible for the Sand Creek Massacre but it also has a taste for neurotransmitter serotonin which it needs from humans to continue its consciousness.
Agent Diggs is the only FBI agent in the bureau to consider extreme possibilities and surmises the...