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A place to keep up to date with 'Requiem for Sherlock Holmes', my future writings, upcoming Hidden Tiger releases, reviews, and anything Holmes related.

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Requiem for Sherlock Holmes
Paul Stuart Hayes

Sherlock Holmes returns in five enthralling cases. Written in an authentic style, each tale adds new layers to the legend of the great detective. When Holmes' father is arrested for the murder of a servant, Sherlock has to prove his father's innocence and clear the family name. However, the fractious relationship between father and son makes the case doubly a challenge. Will they be able to put aside ageold hostilities and find the true culprit before the accused has his date with the...

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Truth, Lies & Propaganda: in Africa (Truth, Lies and Propaganda
Lucinda E Clarke

Lucinda 'fell' into writing by chance, moving from radio to television, to running her own production company in South Africa. She lifts the lid on what really goes on behind the scenes in the media, often hilarious and not at all glamorous. She spent more time on rubbish dumps than in banqueting halls, although she got to meet many famous people.......

Whistlin' Dixie (Tempered Steel Book 1)
Maggie Adams

A man on a mission....
Mackenzie Coalson was determined to rebuild his hometown after a devastating flood left it in ruins. He has no time for a relationship and all the romantic junk that goes with it. He has a vandal to catch and no sweet smelling bundle of femininity is going to sway him.
A woman protecting her family.....
Dixie Harris charged into the county sheriff's office with a sassy sway and a smart mouth, eager to give the sheriff, and anyone else, a piece of her mind....

Mark Red
Robert Elessar

Mark Reed is an ordinary teenage boy. When he sees a woman being attacked, he rushes to help her, only to be stabbed by her assailant. But the woman he sought to aid was a vampire, and as he lies, bleeding to death in an alley, he sees her deal easily with her attacker. Then, unwilling to let him die because of the heroism of his actions, she saves his life...the only way she can.
The next day, Mark awakens to find that he has been changed in ways he could not have...

Dinosaur and Monster and The Magic Carpet (Dinosaur and Monster
Suzanne Pollen

This is the first adventure of our two hero's Dinosaur and Monster.
This time out the two lovable characters embark on a visit to the carpet shop as Monsters old carpet has a hole in it, unbeknown to them the new carpet that Monster has purchased is no ordinary rug. With the help of Magic Fairy to their delight they find out about it's magical capabilities and have great fun putting their amazing find through its paces.......

Horror in a Hurry Volume 1: The collected novellas plus two new
FR Maher

Time is a valuable commodity. I know this as I struggle to manage my life in university, hosting major events out of university and my life as a writer. I have become adept at keeping plates spinning – okay, some of them do crash occasionally, but timepoverty can sneak up on you, and when it’s got you trapped it’s a very hard thing to escape. This was the thinking behind creating Horror in a Hurry, stories that could be read in a single sitting. It was a sweet day when Charles de...