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A place to keep up to date with 'Requiem for Sherlock Holmes', my future writings, upcoming Hidden Tiger releases, reviews, and anything Holmes related.

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Requiem for Sherlock Holmes
Paul Stuart Hayes

Sherlock Holmes returns in five enthralling cases. Written in an authentic style, each tale adds new layers to the legend of the great detective. When Holmes' father is arrested for the murder of a servant, Sherlock has to prove his father's innocence and clear the family name. However, the fractious relationship between father and son makes the case doubly a challenge. Will they be able to put aside ageold hostilities and find the true culprit before the accused has his date with the...

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Warrior Flight
P. A. Bechko

Take to the air with an offbeat western full of adventure and hours of reading entertainment.
The dream of winged flight was an obsession for Omaha Jones, an easterneducated "half breed." But when a practice flight with his handmade wings ends in a crash landing many miles from his home, Omaha encounters some downtoearth distractions from his goal of soaring the skies like an eagle.
Teaming up with some fellow drifters a surly old mountain man with an unbeatable race horse and a...

The Cockroach Chronicles: Exploring Human Discrimination From
Anthony Donnelly

A collection of ten letters from a young, curious cockroach, who sets off to engage The Enemy (humans) to discover why they discriminate against them so much. A great primer into the topic of discrimination and prejudice, accessible to all ages. Filled with words of wisdom about compassion and understanding.......

Battle Damage Assessment: BDA
Brian Parker

In the unforgiving countryside of eastern Afghanistan, Private First Class Tyson York is thrust into a situation with improbable odds of survival where he learns the difficult lessons of loss, unshakable loyalty and love.
Tyson, who is deployed to an active theater of war for the first time, is initially appalled at the casual way that his fellow soldiers discuss the deaths of their enemies and he vows to retain his decency as a human being. But when he is injured and witnesses the true...

Surreal Ecstasy
Chrissy Moon

Morgan Constantina has taken ecstasy for the last time. She's alone, been abused, and has no friends. Even her own mother thinks she's evil. But just as she's on the brink of death, she makes friends with Dess, a strange, outspoken lesbian who reveals to Morgan the world of the God Generation antiquated gods and goddesses who want to be in power again, and the angels and demons who are determined to keep the laws of the universe the way they are. They've been coming to Earth for decades,...

The Further Adventures of Toby the Trilby (The Toby the Trilby
Angela Castillo

Toby, the boy with cat ears, has moved from the caverns to a new home above ground. One night a mysterious light falls from the sky and Toby begins a new quest to find the source.
Someone else follows the same path. A leader who would go to any length to obtain the light's power.
Join Toby on an exciting adventure of redemption and forgiveness.......