The Silurian Series by L.A. Wilson

The Silurian: a seven book Arthurian Epic

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The Silurian, Book Seven: The Wounded Bear
L.A. Wilson

As one lost soul comes home from the wilderness, another takes his place in the wild lands of being lost to greater forces, outside forces so foreign it is all Arthur can do to save the Fox’s life; to disappearto allow himself to be wounded, body and soul, for Britannia has abandoned him.
But the Fox will never abandon Arthur, and seeks for him over every lost hill and vale of their land, committing acts of desperation along the way, and running headlong into a force he never truly...

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Eyes tilted slightly at the corners and of different colors. Clear blue and warm gold.
Rimmed in dark lashes.
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When the werewolves that held her captive decided...