Aurora Springer by Aurora Springer

Mystery and Romance on Other Worlds: Science fiction and Fantasy with a touch of Humour

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The Lady is Blue: What Color are Your Scales? (Atrapako on Eden
Aurora Springer

Dr. Lucy Stannis, chief biologist in the peaceful human colony, is thrilled when a shipload of aliens arrives on Eden. The alien Atrapako have spiky crests, sharp claws, and scales of four colors covering massive humanoid bodies. Lucy befriends the captain of the alien spaceship, the impressive Blue, Sa Kamizan Veedak. But, appearances are deceptive and conflict is inevitable. Lucy races to discover the secret of the aliens before the colony is destroyed. .

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Fanged Beauty
Kristen Prochnow

The tale of how Sleeping Beauty was saved from her terrible curse is very well known. In the sleepy village of Barley, no one knows this particular tale better than Gavin, the village baker. Tired of his monotonous life, Gavin dreams of becoming immortalized as the lead character of his own tale of heroism and having his story told by countless traveling story tellers. When Gavin hears a rumor that there is a real life sleeping princess who is waiting to be rescued in a neighboring kingdom,...

Shamus in a Skirt: a Maggie Sullivan mystery (Maggie Sullivan
M. Ruth Myers

When a man offers 1940s private investigator Maggie Sullivan twice her usual fee to look into a "possible" jewelry theft from his hotel safe, she’s skeptical — until a maid’s body tumbles out of a trash can and a jeweler known for high quality fakes is murdered.
Does a hotel guest who vanished without a trace hold a piece of the puzzle? Or does it have to do with the Polish count and his family fleeing the start of WW2 in Europe? Could the cops be right that it’s all a trick...

The Summer of '47
Frederick H. Crook

Aron Lakefield served with the Big Red One during World War Two. He’s made the landings in Sicily and Omaha Beach. He’s marched through Italy, France, and Germany. He’s paid a large sum for his pair of Purple Hearts. Aron was the middle child in the Lakefield family until the war came along. Now, at thirty years old, he’s an only child.
After bouncing from one VA hospital to the next for over two years, Aron finally gets to return to his Illinois home. Left with a permanent limp...

Rose Of Skibbereen: Rose Of Skibbereen Series
John McDonnell

Sean McCarthy has a beautiful voice, a handsome face, and a dark secret in his past. When Rose Sullivan, a girl from rural Ireland, meets him the night before she leaves for America in 1880, he steals a kiss and wins her over, then disappears into the night. Eight years later Sean reunites with Rose in America, but now he’s using a different name. He won’t talk about his past, but his kisses are still thrilling. Will Rose find romance or heartache with him? Follow Rose and Sean through...

People of Dirt
C. C. Hogan

Series Two, Book Three
Don, the capital of the beautiful country of Sarn is besieged by the armies of Lefton and Tol Nalan and the icy winds that are blowing down from the north.
Preland is in the grip of the worst winter anyone can remember in hundreds of years, and from beyond the Red Mountains, a wagon train arrives, sent by the king of Wone. The people of the north are freezing to death and running of out of food. They need help, help that only the dragons can provide. But it will...