David's Musings on Writing by David L Atkinson

Some of my experiences and how they apply to writing.

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Earth plc (Steele Novels Book 7)
David L Atkinson

A man is found dead in the massive Kielder Forest in Northumberland and the initial reports suggest suicide. A member of Patrick A Steele’s team feels that is not the whole story and an investigation ensues that leads the team into conflict with some of the most powerful people in the UK. Steele can mete out his own brand of justice initially but when the power companies and the government become involved Steele has to tread carefully.......

Have You Read?
Jonathan G. Meyer

On a remote Caribbean island, far from the eyes of the world, a battle will be waged.
A small group of ordinary people fight to prevent the destruction of our planet, from a device meant to be the savior of another. Used on Earth, in a methodical way, the alien machine will cause irreversible harm.
Four unlikely heroes: a homeless man, a museum guide, a refugee, and an alien spacecraft will battle against the powerful forces of money, politics, and nature.
If the ship's recruits...

Janet Doolaege

Zoe wants to be safe, caring for small children in a Paris school. But she has split up with her boyfriend, and now a violent incident rocks her world. A woman colleague takes her on holiday to an idyllic Greek island to recover from the shock. However, people are not always what they seem. It is in Greece that a disturbing discovery starts her on a strange quest that will change her life forever.......

The Getaway
Hope Anika

Lucia Sanchez has stolen two children. Two children who don’t belong to her; two children she will do anything to save. Driven by a bloody past and determined to change an ignoble future, Lucia will make any sacrifice necessary to be certain history doesn’t repeat itself. She has given everything she ever was, everything she would ever become, and nothing will stop her from completing her mission.
U.S. Deputy Marshal Sam Steele is tired. Tired of chasing fugitives and protecting...

A Diamond in the Ruff (REVISED EDITION) (Jasper, Str
Richard Nurse

Meet the most unique detective team today. Jasper, StreetFighter, and Me.
A border collie, Sgt. Jasper, USMC Ret; a streetwise tomcat, StreetFighter; and Me a forever 39 yearold Maggie McKenzie, USMC Ret. Together, we take on almost any case.
Diamonds, dead bodies, and pack rats; one case hot and the other cold. Follow the team as Jasper and StreetFighter team up to find the clues, and follow trails left behind that only they could detect. They then put themselves in harm’s way,...

Pieces of Her Heart
Angelica Kate

Dana is trying to put her past behind her and start over with her son Beau. Having just graduated with the help of her best friend Hannah from college, she is looking forward to the next step. Moving across country and starting their own business is a dream on the cusp of becoming reality, that four years before she had not even thought possible.
Hannah’s brother Brady was burned by a woman once, and now his only goal is taking care of his mother and sister as he deems appropriate. ...