David's Musings on Writing by David L Atkinson

Some of my experiences and how they apply to writing.

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Earth plc (Steele Novels Book 7)
David L Atkinson

A man is found dead in the massive Kielder Forest in Northumberland and the initial reports suggest suicide. A member of Patrick A Steele’s team feels that is not the whole story and an investigation ensues that leads the team into conflict with some of the most powerful people in the UK. Steele can mete out his own brand of justice initially but when the power companies and the government become involved Steele has to tread carefully.......

Have You Read?
A Flash Of the Pen: A Collection of Stories
K. R. Eckert

From K. R. Eckert, author of the History Hunters Series of novels, comes a collection of nine multigenre short stories.
In Ultrasonic Hound, a man uses a whistle and an answering machine as murder weapons.
A cabbie comes to the realization that his passenger is a murderer, in The Man in the Back Seat
Echoes from Hallowed Ground takes you with a father and son on a car ride through Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. On a lonely road, they come across the sights, sounds and smells of...

Mail Order Misfortune (Brides of Beckham Book 14)
Kirsten Osbourne

Be sure to check out my newest releases, Kissing in Kansas which released September 15th, and Ruby that released August 8th.
When Anna arrives to meet her groom two weeks later than expected, she is more than a little surprised to find him already married. It's just her luck that she finds his new wife to be one of the sweetest women she's ever met. She reluctantly takes on the role of teacher for her new community, hoping that she will be able to make a place for herself th...

The Alpha's Mate: The Wolvers #1
Jacqueline Rhoades

Can a nerdy city girl find peace and contentment in a small Appalachian town called Rabbit Creek? Elizabeth Reynolds certainly hopes so. When she meets a man who instantly understands how out of step she is with her mother’s country club set and who offers her a quiet place in the mountains where she can write her dreamed of romance novel, Elizabeth jumps at the chance.
Peace and contentment, however, are a state of mind and Elizabeth soon finds that her state of mind isn’t even...

Long Road Home (Crystal Springs Homecoming Romances Book 1)
Mary Jane Morgan

Megan Swearingen’s life changes forever with the death of her father. Leaving college, she returns home to find her younger sister mute with shock, her mother too depressed to function, and their beloved Thoroughbred horse ranch on the verge of going under. She’s barely arrived when she’s forced to accept help from Brett Dawson—the man who once broke her heart—when a marauding mountain lion threatens one of the prized horses they depend on for survival.
Brett would rather be...

Hunting the Beast (The Darkness Series)
A. S. McNair

A Darkness Series Novella
When is it a good time to fall in love? Not when you are on the run for your life and accused of treason and murder.
Jay, once right hand man to the Northwest Territory's leader, now is being tracked by the entire West Coast Hunter community. He stands accused of a murder he didn't commit. When his path crosses Anna's, he knows he can't afford to be distracted. To do so means his life. When is love ever convenient?
This novella dovetails with Book One in...