David's Musings on Writing by David L Atkinson

Some of my experiences and how they apply to writing.

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Earth plc (Steele Novels Book 7)
David L Atkinson

A man is found dead in the massive Kielder Forest in Northumberland and the initial reports suggest suicide. A member of Patrick A Steele’s team feels that is not the whole story and an investigation ensues that leads the team into conflict with some of the most powerful people in the UK. Steele can mete out his own brand of justice initially but when the power companies and the government become involved Steele has to tread carefully.......

Have You Read?
Battlefield Z Zombie Blues Highway
Chris Lowry

Almost home.
The hero of Battlefield Z finally makes it to the Mississippi River that borders the state of Arkansas. He's only two hours from home, a couple of hundred miles from finding answers.
But when an ambush traps him deep in the delta region with a throwback to "the South will rise again" rednecks, he must battle through Z, gun nuts and anything else the Natural State can throw his way in a race to save his children.
Fans, fathers and Armageddon lovers have fallen in love...

Hot Gossip ( An Irish romance) The Kerry Romance series- book 2
Susanne O'Leary

When Janine Marchand leaves her native France for a remote village on the Atlantic coast of Ireland, she hopes to let go of a painful past. She has changed her name and taken on a whole new identity. But the locals are curious and soon tongues start wagging. To complicate matters, Janine gets involved with Mick O’Shea, a handsome man who harbours dark secrets of his own. She is drawn to him even though she knows the attraction might jeopardize the fresh start she is trying to build. When...

Married under the Influence: A True Story
Harmony Rose

"As the wife of an alcoholic, author Harmony Rose searched for some validity to her emotions: she didn’t want to feel crazy anymore or continue to carry the shame and blame that came with her husband’s alcoholism.
In Married under the Influence, she shares her story of living year after year with a husband who is an alcoholic. With excerpts from her journal entries, Rose tells how all she ever wanted was to be loved by the man she had given her heart to, but she had no idea how to...

Minus Life
Stuart G. Yates

What will we do when our home planet has had enough?
The world is dying. In the face of soaring pollution, overpopulation and rising sea level, the ruling elite comes up with a bold, yet terrible plan. When the mastermind behind it backs away and hides the ingenious scheme from the world, his life is suddenly threatened from the most unexpected quarter.
Detective Bremen is tired. He's seen it all and he's sick of life, his own and the world’s. The only good thing is his son, Petie....

Sharon Brownlie

A troubled childhood. An upbringing marred by rejection and hurt. At the age of fourteen Helen King finds herself in the clutches of a pimp. He lures her into a life of drugs and prostitution. At the age of twenty she uses her drug addiction as a way to blank out the memories. It enables her to hide the psychological scarring caused by those she feels had abandoned her.
Her life is spiralling out of control. The decision to quit her addiction comes at a time when she has a chance...