The Gemstone Chronicles by William L Stuart

The home of The Gemstone Chronicles, a 4 book series of MG and above fantasy adventure novels, and ramblings from author William L Stuart on topics ranging from his books to submarines, quantum theory, gemstone hunting, gold prospecting, and anything else that catches his fancy!

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The Gemstone Chronicles Book One: The Carnelian
William Stuart

When Aidan and Maggie find a fairy cross while rockhunting with their grandfather, it's just an oddity. But when they discover there is an elf imprisoned in the stone and set him free, they and their grandparents, Nana and Beebop, are attacked by Dark Elves and forced to flee to the magical world of Celahir.
In Celahir, Findecano the elf the children freed from the fairy cross leads them on a quest to recover gemstones stolen from the Elven Bow by the Dark Elves. Without the...

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100 Proof Stud (Darcy Walker Mystery Book 3)
A. J. Lape

Sometimes life smacks you right in the kisser with a whole lot of ohhhh craaaaap.
Just ask Darcy Walker.
100 Proof Stud picks up four months after No Brainer's cliffhanger ending, and Darcy discovers the aftermath pales in comparison to the crisis her heart is in. All of a sudden it's raining men, and this teenage heroine’s personal life turns her inside out.
Before she can sort out her...

Look, I Can Talk With My Fingers!
Erika M Szabo

A little girl teaches her family and her friends how to relate to someone who is hearing impaired. This fun picture book carries an important message to children, how to learn not to judge or make fun of anyone just because they’re different. The life of any disabled person is no fun and living with a disability has many challenges, but we can help to make their life easier and not harder.
When Grandma Rosa lost her hearing, Sandra’s parents became frustrated and sad. They didn’t...

Prelude (An Alec Winters Series)
Chariss K. Walker

Meet sixteen year old Alec Winters and his friends when he was a normal teenager. Get the scoop on his life in New Orleans before his supernatural transformation to angel-demon.

The Collective Protocol
Brian Parker

Paige Watkins is a telepath who can control the minds of those around her. When a cabal of devious Canadian politicians learns of her abilities, The Collective Protocol is born. Its mission is to destabilize their troublesome southern neighbor and erstwhile partner while increasing international Canadian influence and expanding their national borders.
The telepath’s gifts are magnified using cutting edge technology, allowing her to inflict heavy damage upon the country of her birth as...

Average Daydreamer
Anita Kovacevic

Priscilla is happy being a successful, single, business woman. Or is she? With her best friend's wedding approaching, she finds herself constantly daydreaming about romance with perfect men doctors, firemen, secret agents, sexy chefs. Aiming for perfection, she tries to ignore an ordinary guy she sees every day, but he makes her feel... something. When perfection finally comes, she finds herself torn between her dreams and the reality. Perhaps dreamy perfection is just not something that...