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Hi, I’m Dan. I’m a writer and an author, so far I’ve written one novel, which is called Jump (now available on Amazon), a few short stories and a bunch of other bits and pieces. Unfortunately, as yet, my novel is waiting for someone to tell me it’s great and turn it into an award winning, worldwide hit and subsequent movie. Unlike my other ‘blog “Dan’s Letters to Mum” this one isn’t really personal, and isn’t really going to stick to one particular style or type of writing. Initially I’m going to post things I’ve already written, but as I find the time (which could be a while in my current circumstances) I will add to it and try to post some interesting content. For a year or so I also wrote a ‘blog about my experiences of swapping from multiple daily injections to an insulin pump, I’m a type one diabetic by the way. If you can find any other things I’ve written on t’ internet then please let me know, as I’d be quite interested to read them. Cheers Dan

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Dan Ladle

‘How does this work? Oh, is this on? It is, isn’t it!’
‘Okay. Hi, I’m Emily Harrison, I’m a translator, mainly specialising in archaic and extinct languages, although I can speak quite a few modern ones. I used to work in a little office in the nether regions of a university. It was quite a good job, hard on the eyes though.’
‘Anyway, where was I? Yes, that’s right, these days I spend my time, if you’ll excuse the expression, flitting back and forth between the...

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Eclectic Complete
Ronald Allen Bell

The entire collection of Ronald Allen Bell to date. A most delightfully fantastic collection of romance, horror, fictional stories, phycological, religious and political pieces.
Every human emotion, that in this life we entertain; and all that which we ponder, as we traverse our current plain.
The look not soon forgotten, sweet it was, yes, our first love.
The tears we tried to stop, that still would drop, when it came undone.
The friendship that you lost, when in death they...

The Contained: Book 2 of the Necropolis Trilogy
Sean Deville

When the infection struck, 64 million people never stood a chance.
It only took a day for the country to collapse, for the five largest cities to be overwhelmed by the onslaught of the viral hordes. Merciless, relentless, they ripped their way through humanity.

They were unstoppable, almost biblical.
With no way to protect itself against the deliberate act of bio terrorism, a once great nation began to feed upon itself. Violence and chaos reigned, and those who had vowed...

Roark (Women Of Earth Book 1)
Jacqueline Rhoades

The people of planet Earth have suffered the tides of war for six long years, but it’s not their war. Earth is the battleground for the thousand year conflict between the invading Hahnshin and the Godan warriors of the Galactic Confederation.
Mira Donazetto’s only concern is for her family’s survival, so when she’s offered work as a translator for the Godan, she jumps at the chance and right into the arms of the new First Commander, Roark. Her heart says she should trust this...

Biff the Useless Mention: Book IV of the Sell the Pig trilogy
Tottie Limejuice

In March 2007, Tottie left Britain to follow the dream of a new life in France for herself, her elderly mother and her damaged brother. Has the dream turned to a nightmare or is Tottie still happily living the quiet life in her little 'grottage' in the Auvergne region of central France?
Come with Tottie now as she takes you on Tottie's Tours of the Auvergne. Enjoy the familiar ironic humour and keen eye for detail that will bring the landscape and the people to life for you. Be prepared...

Raven Falls: Australian Rural Romantic Suspense
Suzanne Brandyn

Samantha Osborne and her three brothers strive to keep Raven Falls, a cattle property on the Northern Tablelands of NSW from being another droughtinflicted statistic.
They organise to have an irrigation system installed but when the assessor arrives Samantha is shocked to find that it's Bradley Harper, the man who faked his way into her heart and broke it in the process.
As the Osbornes' deal with encroaching cattle rustlers, an injured brother and with a near death experience,...