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Have You Read?
Satan's Mirror
Roxanne Smolen

Emily is the host of a paranormal television show. Her mission is to debunk all myths and urban legends. But when she meets Satan in a haunted house and calls him a fraud, the repercussions change her life. Satan kidnaps her sixyearold daughter, and Emily vows vengeance.
For centuries, demons have been abducting people and pulling them through wormholes to an alternate universe. The hapless victims are then tortured for the demons' pleasure. Because humans are out of sync with time, they...

Mud on your Face
Rachel McGrath

Gus is a sevenyearold boy who comes from a very large family with eight brothers and sisters.
Sometimes Gus feels left out, picked on, or even forgotten by his family. He wonders what life might be like if he had no brothers or sisters, and if he was an only child.
On a family camping trip Gus finds himself lost in the woods, left behind by his family.
A different adventure takes place for Gus with a strange new friend.
Be careful what you wish for….
This is a fun adventure...

Behind the Curtain (Behind the Love Book 3)
P.C. Zick

Lisa Williams has discovered a way to achieve her lifelong goal of becoming a famous actress by bringing a reality television show to her hometown. Tommy Jackson despises the idea of exploiting the town and hates it even more when his editor assigns him to cover the show for a Tampa newspaper.
Lisa and Tommy have known each other all their lives. Tommy even dated her baby sister, Susie back in high...

Dark Inheritance
Renee Lake

“He said murdersuicide.”
When Rosaline Lysgaard hears those words over the phone she doesn’t realize that she is about to inherit much more than her father’s estate and money. For the first time since she was 13 she must return home to Skummel Manor, with the hope of figuring out what really happened to her father.
Together with her, emotionally disturbed, twin brother Wren, she discovers a dark and disturbing family history. However, something besides secrets lurks in the...

The Sickness Spreads: Zombie Zero: The Short Stories Vol. 1
J.K. Norry

As the world gasps its last breath...
Crystal's Cough has been getting steadily worse since she first felt it tickle the back of her throat. She had dreamed of going to Africa her whole life; now Crystal just hopes to survive the flight home.
Barbara's Trip can not end soon enough, in her opinion. She travels a lot for work to build a life and a future with her husband. While Barbara is busy making other plans, the sickness begins to spread.
Stan's Sniffles have kept him home from...