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A Path of Ashes (The Path of Ashes Book 1)
Brian Parker

Evil doesn't become extinct. It evolves. Our world is a violent place. Murder, terrorism, racism and social inequality, these are some of the forces that attempt to destroy our society while the State is forced to increase its response to these actions. Our own annihilation is barely held at bay by the belief that we've somehow evolved beyond our ancestors' base desires.
From this cesspool of emotions emerges a madman, intent on leading the world into anarchy. When his group of computer...

Secret Society: A Canoples Investigations Novella
K. C. Sprayberry

Mother Ship destroyed. Innumerable losses. A mysterious invitation. Problems at every turn. And the threat of returning violence.
Corina Amberchuck refuses to believe her parents are responsible for the loss of Mother Ship. When no one will help her prove that she’s right, she reaches out on a memorized band width, connecting with the infamous BD Bradford for help.......

Fairytale Lost (A Queen City Novel)
Lori Hendricks

Emmalyn and Lukas are meant to be... but that doesn't mean they will have their fairytale.

Trail of 32: The True Story of a Youthful Spirit That Knew Not
Paul Rega

Top 100 on Amazon at 86 1 Travel 1 Sports & Recreation 2 Memoirs and 2 Travel ASTONISHING TRUE STORY of a group of thirtytwo boys and leaders who accomplished an amazing feat in 1972, when they rode their bicycles from Wood Dale, Illinois to Jacksonville, Florida. It was a simpler timea common sense twopedal world with realistic adventures, and everyday heroes. An innocence was lost when twentysix young boys in a small rural town set out to accomplish something bigger than th...

The Sad and Painful Journey of a Struggling Disabled Black Man:
Chibike I. Nwabude

I am a talented disabled black man that knew that the sky was the limit to what I could do and achieve if given the opportunity, so that I would accomplish some goals in my life, and contribute my talent to the society. But when I experienced many setbacks in my life, and was not given the opportunity to achieve my goals, I was depressed and suffered some emotional distress. I had only twenty two course credits to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics. However, since I did...