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Have You Read?
Alias Corey Sutton
Rusty Savage

There was one thing that sixteenyearold Corey Sutton was sure he’d never do: he’d never leave Chicago where he lived with his mother and his life had settled into a blissful pattern. Now he is in Morgantown, Kentucky, because of a clue that could help in the search for his identity. It doesn’t help that he is in a strange place for a strange reason and doesn’t know a soul within three hundred miles. He’s not sure of anything, other than the fact that his mother, the woman who...

The Errant Petty Officer
Mike Rothery

East Africa, 1981: The British destroyer HMS Preston puts into Mombasa following three months at sea with her company all fired up to explore the local delights. But for one senior rating the visit turns sour when a SCUBA expedition goes badly awry with disastrous and far reaching consequences, plunging him into an unfamiliar world where life is cheap and casual violence commonplace. He quickly discovers his ordered naval life has done nothing to prepare him for the perils he faces in his...

Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Debbie De Louise

Librarian Alicia McKinney has put the past behind her…
Two years ago, Alicia discovered both a terrible truth and lasting love with John McKinney in the small town of Cobble Cove, New York. Now a busy mother of twin babies and coauthor of a mystery series, Alicia couldn’t be happier.
Alicia’s contentment and safety are challenged…
Walking home alone from the library, Alicia senses someone following her, and on more than one occasion, she believes she is being watched. Does...

Broken Earth
Lee Ryder

In a world with no adults, no laws to protect them, and no government to control the streets where dangerous gangs wage war over territory in the city, children forge forward to change what their forefathers took for granted. In crumbling cities that are surrounded by immense cemeteries where danger lurks around every corner.
Jess lost her family when the plagues came leaving her alone and afraid to take on life in the city head on. Ian lost everything to the plague except for his sister...

Beyond Watson: A Sherlock Holmes Anthology of Stories NOT Told

Imagine a Holmes Without his Boswell...
Or, as is the case with the volume you now hold in your hands, imagine a Holmes without the voice of Watson. Is there a difference? After all, we have learned about the great detective not through his own voice and eyes, but through that of his loyal companion, his dear friend, his Boswell. What might we be missing? Who else could tell of the great detective’s feats?
Find out as today's best Sherlock Holmes authors including Derrick...