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Have You Read?
Envy (Protectors of the Elemental Magic Book 4)
Marnie Cate

My mother sold her soul to the Goddess of Winter, and mine along with it.
Camille was one of four girls who were given the gift of elemental magic. When her arrogance and greed led her to bad choices, she paid for it with her life… and her daughter, Blanche’s.
Blanche Kingston Drygen would never be admired for her sweetness. Lusted after for her beauty, and desired for her wealth, the townsfolk of Starten thought of her as a coldhearted business woman. They did not know the secrets...

Walking with Elephants
Karen S. Bell

Suze Hall is at a crossroads. Her nemesis at work, Wanda, has been promoted and now will be her boss. Her husband, Bob, is leaving her and the three kids for a sixmonth sabbatical down under. To top it off, her best friend, Marcia, is missing in action—playing footsie with some new boyfriend!
Adding to this disaster stew, David, the gorgeous hunk who broke her younggirl's heart has coincidentally popped back into her life and has something she desperately needs to keep her jo...

American Law (Law Series Book 2)
Camille Taylor

An enemy of the state, Dmitry Ivanov has nowhere to turn…
A gifted hacker no online firewall can keep out, Dmitry has an affinity for anything with a computer chip. On a business trip to the U.S. he unwittingly becomes entangled in a conspiracy that puts both America and himself in grave danger. Now being hunted by the U.S. Government, Dmitry turns to the one man he can trust—CIA Agent Lucas Gates.
Elena Ivanova puts family before love…
Terrified for her brother Dmitry, Elena...

Look At Me
Polly Grey

Hello, I’m Polly Grey. I live in the north of England. I have been working in the ambulance service for six years which has been quite an experience. I was inspired to write this book when relatives experienced supernatural events in their home.
Beth and Simon have had a traumatic year. The death of Beth’s father and Simon’s illness and long rehabilitation back to health. They move into a new home hoping for a new start; a new beginning. Shortly after moving in strange things start...

Typecast by Booker Woodman (Casting Couch Book 1)
Michael J Kerwood

The Casting Couch quintet.
This is a story about three cottages. They sit adjacent in an isolated lane in North Wales, UK. In their time they have had many occupants, some of them have left of their own free will, and some of them... haven’t.
The first book replicates the immediate existence of our four main protagonists, who, for the first few pages, are very much two dimensional until Dogleg Lane and its three cottages stamp their illogical influence upon them.
The four...