Dream Fulfillment Plan by Bridget Geegan Blanton

It is noble and daring to step into the ring, master our minds, conquer our fears and go after our dreams.

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A Decent Woman
Eleanor Parker Sapia

Ponce, Puerto Rico, at the turn of the century...
Ana Belén Opaku, an AfroCuban born into slavery, is a proud midwife, the only one in La Playa. After testifying at an infanticide trial, Ana is forced to reveal a dark secret from her past while she continues to hide a more sinister one. Pitted against the parish priest Padre Vicénte and the young Doctór Héctor Rivera, Ana must fight to preserve her twentyfiveyear career.
Serafina is a respectable young widow with two small...

Treasure Me (The Me Series Book 1)
D.R. Grady

What does a biology teacher know about private investigating? Annie Prentice, the biology teacher in question, is about to find out. She needs to locate her sister’s killer, so she goes undercover as a housekeeper in Jared McNeal’s house. He needs to find whoever or whatever is scaring off his housekeepers so he’ll actually keep one. If Annie and Jared don’t learn to trust each other soon, even as they’re falling in love, they might not live long enough to discover who’s after...

The Specialists: At Any Cost
P.B. Wells

A new President, a wounded ally and little time. It is going to be a busy day.
The Normandy invasion failed. Russia betrayed the Allies. Germany did not lose the war. The war ended in stalemate.
Welcome to the world of "The Specialists," a world of politics, spies and war where history took a different path.
"The Specialists: At Any Cost," C.I.A. Director of Operations Robert MacGregor and his elite Specialist unit are tasked with smuggling a wounded operative out of France before...

Selling Dreams - The Riviera Romance Series. Book 1
Susanne O'Leary

The pristine blue waters and sun drenched shores of the French Riviera provide a stunning backdrop to the story of two women, Chantal and Flora, both struggling with the heartache of a lost love.
Chantal Gardinier runs her real estate agency in Antibes with an iron fist. A tough businesswoman on the surface, Chantal is hiding a tragic home life and a secret love affair. When faced with a moral dilemma, she is unsure which path to choose.
Flora McKenna arrives in town with high hopes of...

A Flair for Chardonnay
Deborah Garner

When flamboyant senior sleuth Sadie Kramer learns the owner of Cioccolato, her favorite chocolate shop, is in trouble, she heads for the California wine country with a totebagged Yorkie and a slew of questions. The fourth generation Tremiato Winery promises answers, but not before a dead body turns up at the vintners’ scheduled Harvest Festival.
All four Tremiato siblings have possible motives, as well as a few peripheral acquaintances, but only one could be the guilty party. As Sadie...