Creating With Kohla by Sarah Hindmarsh

Sarah Hindmarsh writes children's books and writers' handbooks. She blogs on the subject of engaging children with reading and is passionate about opening up children's lives to the magic of the written word. Feedback, questions and comments are strongly encouraged.

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The Squirrel Who Travelled the World: Illustrated by Laura
Sarah Hindmarsh

Jinx is a very special squirrel. He loves traveling and longs to find out what is at the other side of the ocean. One day it seems all his dreams could come true when a mysterious ship sails into the harbour near his home. Who are the mysterious sailors on the ship? And what will happen when Jinx meets them? Will he finally be able to find out what the lands over the sea are like? What an adventure that would be. We first met Jinx in 'The Mouse Who Howled at the Moon' when he saved Harvey...

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The Last Space Cadet: Ariel Hope Chronicles 1
G.P. Moss

When Ariel Hope is buried under a ton of mud at world's end, things don't look promising, even though she's the brightest cadet in StarTapped Academy; she must be, as now, she's the only one left. Finding a dumped Beta Command star cruiser, will she figure out the controls, or waste time arguing with selfpromoted, Chief Engineer Stevie Lo? Her mum, dad, and brother 'Gobby' Johnny have already left, unable to find her as Earth faced destruction. Finding them is her mission, but will space...

Crimson Midnight (A New Adult Dark Urban Fantasy Series) (The
Amos Cassidy

They say London is the city that never sleeps. Man, you have no idea…
A new job, a new life and a new home, Rose has left the pain of the past behind. But if she thinks she’s going to have it easy she’s in for a shock. There’s Roman for starters, a complication with a capital C. With the racing pulses and the xrated thoughts, she can barely keep it together. And then he decides to drop a bombshell. It’s the domino effect alright, because hot on the heels of his revelation come...

Dreaming Again (Hollywood Legends Book 4)
Mary J. Williams

Hollywood is a cutthroat town.
Nobody knows that better than the Landis brothers.
It's time for them to step out of their parents' shadow.
Looks can be deceiving. From the outside, Wyatt Landis seemed to have it all. Born to Hollywood royalty, he had forged a path that had taken him to the top of the movie industry. Again and again, he produced movies that did the impossible. The critics loved them as much as the public.
Wyatt had the...

Never Forget the Past
Frantiska Oliver

Waking up to the unknown is frightening, but when Skylar discovers her memory has been erased, it goes beyond simple fear—she is absolutely terrified! With demons lurking in the shadows, desiring to force her into joining their diabolical side, Skylar meets some unique individuals—all of whom are willing to risk their lives to help her escape the clutches of evil. Torn between the love of her life and her ultimate destiny, Skylar has to decide the answer to an excruciating question. Will...

No Perfect Fate
Jackie Weger

Cleo Anderson’s people skills are hesitant and her life broken, yet she is determined to leave her past behind. Alone is good and she is finding her way. On a whim, she parks her Playmor in a fish camp in the wilds of the Okefenokee Swamp, where gators yawn, bears slumber, and snakes slither. The camp pace is slow, the owner kind, and the people friendly. Cleo encounters Fletcher Freemont Maitland and his goddaughter, eleven yearold Katie. Cleo didn’t know her life was about to unravel...