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Oliver Frances

This book inserts the reader into a fascinating story full of emotion and drama, the moral character to be an element that stands out. The Crystal Ship is one story, played by a man named Frederic ("Our Wise") that tells us how he seeks to experience the pleasure of teaching a young man all his knowledge, following a path that would bring an unexpected end to it as much as for the disciple.
What is freedom and how it is achieved? What is the value of wisdom? And, what is the importance of...

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An Uncommon Family (Family Portrait Book 1)
Christa Polkinhorn

A chance meeting between a middleaged woman, a widower, and a semiorphaned child in the city of Zurich, Switzerland, brings together three people who grapple with a past of loss and betrayal. Sixyearold Karla, whose mother died in a car crash, has a hard time accepting the loss. Anna, her aunt and guardian, struggles with her former husband’s deception and her shattered confidence in men, and Jonas, artist and teacher, mourns the death of his wife.
While trying to help Karla, a...

Take One at Bedtime
Jenny Twist

Nobody ever goes upstairs in Margaret’s house. So what is making the strange thumping noises up there? And why is there a toy rabbit under the kitchen table?
Margaret’s Ghost is just one of a collection of short stories consisting mainly of horror and science fiction, ranging from a classic gothic tale – Jack Trevellyn – to the Wyndhamesque Victim of Fortune, and the modern Waiting for Daddy, with its spinechilling twist.
There is also the occasional...

Three Friends: Wait 4 The 1
Cathy McGough

Are Miranda, Terri and Cheryl destined to be with hot Aussie guys or cool Canadian men?

Chaos Storm (The Flight of the Griffin Book 2)
C.M. Gray

A year has passed. The crystal skulls have been united in Sterling Temple to complete the great spell. It's said that warrior angels brought them, fighting the Lord of Chaos himself as they set them in place.
The flow of the seasons has returned, bringing again what promises to be a life of peace and plenty. This doesn't sit well with Matheus Hawk, who is busy plotting the Realm's destruction, fanning the burning coals of his hatred for the crew of The Griffin.
An approaching storm is...

Vampire - The Quest for Truth (Vampire Series Book 3)
Charmain Marie Mitchell

Vampire The Quest for Truth, is the third book in the 'Vampire' series of books and continues with the story of Gwen, a 500 year old vampire, and her lover/nemesis Robert. This story in the series is set in a chateau in 16th century France. Filled with love, hate, revenge, and betrayal, the 'Vampire' series of books are fastpaced, historically correct, and a far cry from the modern teenage vampire saga's. To discover more about the series try downloading the first book in the series,...