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Oliver Frances

This book inserts the reader into a fascinating story full of emotion and drama, the moral character to be an element that stands out. The Crystal Ship is one story, played by a man named Frederic ("Our Wise") that tells us how he seeks to experience the pleasure of teaching a young man all his knowledge, following a path that would bring an unexpected end to it as much as for the disciple.
What is freedom and how it is achieved? What is the value of wisdom? And, what is the importance of...

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Destiny Fulfilled: Book 3 of the Anandrian Series
Kathryn Heaney

Lucifer brings magic, dragons, and his gargoyle horde through to terrorize downtown Toronto by taking advantage of a tear in the fabric between the two dimensions of Earth and magical Anandria. His goal? It is time to conquer the universe!
Cousins Raonull and Kathryn, grandchildren of Laura and Vaaron, grow up between Earth and Anandria. They both exhibit exceptional powers in Anandria and lately on Earth, too. When Kathryn has a vision, they don’t hesitate to venture to England on a...

The Gardenia Curse
C. M. Savage

Thirteenyearold Eva Thomas finds herself in a life threatening mystery when her dreams become real. Night after night, she is transported to Dreamland, where an evil being, the Shadow, wants her dead. Exhausted from her troubled sleep, Eva stumbles through her days in a new town where her grandmother is known as an eccentric and in a new school where a bully has decided Eva needs to be put in her place. Can Eva save herself and her dreams before it’s too late?......

This Truckin' Life: The Reminiscences of a Truck Driver (The
Laurie Driver

This book is a set of reflections and recollections of a truck driver's forty plus years in the hard and unforgiving world of the haulage and transport industry.
It delves into methods resorted to in order to survive and make ends meet for himself and his family, in a world where the truck driver is deemed the lowest of the low. There is humor, pathos, some love and some violence. There are tales of underhand dealings, fiddles and thievery.
It tells of times when truck driving was a...

Death on the Algarve: A Bernie Fazakerley Mystery
Judy Ford

What could be more pleasant than a short break on the Algarve with a group of friends? But, when the wheelchair on which he depends is damaged in flight, DCI Jonah Porter wishes that he had never come. Relationships are stretched to breaking point as his frustrations mount. Then a guest falls from the balcony of a neighbouring apartment and foul play is suspected. With a puzzling case to solve, Jonah is back in his element. Who could have wanted to kill a popular familyman who makes friends...

The Herdsman of Wolves (Totem Book 1)
Tamuna Tsertsvadze

This is a wonderful story about a human who became a part of wolves. Did you ever wonder if it was possible to tame wolves? to understand them? You will find an answer in this tale. Love and adventures are also included.
Book has been first written in Georgian by 16 years old author and translated to English by author herself.
The book cover picture belongs to Yana Ananikova, a. k. a. BazukaTM (a wonderful artist on deviantart.com).......