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The Bride
Kacie Taylor

What is a king without a queen? Callia is chosen to be the next potential Bride of the king, a man many call a demon. Will she die like all the Brides before her? Can she survive in a place where nothing is what it seems, facing fear and friendship, love and betrayal? For the castle holds a secret only a Bride can discover.......

Have You Read?
Captivated (Hope and Magic Book 1)
Amanda Steel

When Hope decides to leave Dublin and head to London to pursue her dream, Steven is unable to let her go. He seeks the help of a witch, resulting in Hope becoming his unwilling captive. Can she break free and discover her own magic? And what does the witch really want from Hope?......

Dark Warrior
Denna Holm

Jada is an avid bow hunter out on vacation during elk season with three of her friends when they are viciously attacked by strangers. One of her friends is killed outright and two others are taken captive. She wants to be with them, fight beside them, but another stranger arrives and pulls her aside, blocking her path back to camp as she listens to her three friends scream.
Bryce is a tracker of rogues for the Laizahlian Council. He has worked for the Hunter Vaughn for almost three...

In a Gilded Cage
Susan Appleyard

In a Gilded Cage is a B.R.A.G. Medallion winner! Sisi enjoyed a carefree lifestyle in the hills of Bavaria until she was chosen by Franz Josef to be his wife. At the age of sixteen she becameElisabeth Empress of Austria and moved into the imperial palaces of Vienna, where a hostile court disdained her for her low birth, and strict protocol ruled her every act. She had no other purpose than to adorn the emperor's arm on ceremonial occasions and to make babies who were taken from her at birth...

Oak Seer: A Supernatural Mystery
Graham Higson

OAK SEER: A supernatural mystery
Where blood from the past spills into the present
This pageturning supernatural mystery revolves around a hero cursed with a psychic ability that many others would relish.
The Quick Pitch
Womaniser Jack Briscoe is suddenly stricken with visions from the past. He can no longer work, nor can he perform. An ancient Pagan artefact that he once owned now lusts for women's blood, and in a desperate bid to save these friends he sets off to the remote...

Tags & Banners
Sheraz Ahmed

Tags & Banners Anthology of Poetry. This collection of poetry has got broader subjects and I have presented its name by using the words Injustice, Suffering, Poverty.