Lyric Quiz by Kim Kitchener

Fun and sometimes challenging, these daily quizzes will sometimes have you scratching your head until you hear the answer. Good fun to try on your own but even better with friends. Try the daily challenge or download a free sample of the interactive Kindle book.

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Lyric Quiz the Years 2000 to 2014 interactive pop quiz book
L C Olney

Pop quiz questions that will get your mind into overdrive
How often do you find yourself singing along to your favourite songs?
You merrily sing along with the lyrics coming naturally as you hear the music.
But would you know the lyrics when there is no music to listen to?
Do you know your Katy Perry from Jessie J or Take That from your Black Eyed Peas.
Put yourself to the test and see if you can correctly answer the Lyric Quiz challenge.
Once you have tried it yourself,...

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