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Hot Property (Irish romantic comedy) The Kerry Romance
Susanne O'Leary

When Megan O’Farrell inherits her uncle’s house in a remote part of the windswept Atlantic coast of Ireland, she imagines it will be a romantic hideaway where she can recover from her recent divorce. But the house is a wreck that requires a fortune to restore, and she decides to sell it. An easy choice, were it not for the discovery of an old family scandal and a budding love affair with both the beautiful landscape and a handsome Kerryman. Catapulted into country life and faced with the...

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Wasted Space: A Tony Gavel Mystery
JW Metcalf

When a successful business man is found dead in his home, the police rule it a suicide. However, not everyone is convinced that a man who seemed to have it all would take his own life.
Private investigator, Tony Gavel, is hired to find out the truth of the matter. Tony's investigation leads him from the carefully manicured lawns of the suburbs to the seedy underbelly of the Big City. As he delves futher into the case , he uncovers secrets, lies, and danger at every turn. When an attempt...

When I See Your Face: A Second Chance At Love
Devika Fernando

Cathy has had enough. Having run away from her abusive husband, she tries to pick up the broken pieces of her life in a remote village, focusing on her dream to start her own cake business. Finding true love is the last thing on her mind. When she comes face to face with a man who looks exactly like the one she is struggling to forget, life throws the biggest challenge yet at her: Should she give in to his charm and care or is history going to repeat itself?......

The Hidden City of Chelldrah-ham: Belas Rift
Stephan von Clinkerhoffen

"An absolute gem of a Science Fiction & Fantasy novel for young readers with an epic feel. Belas Rift: The Hidden City of Chelldrahham is recommended without reservation."Book Viral />
Fast paced with lovable characters woven into an intricate fantasy adventure for younger readers.
Stig and Meg pass through an interdimensional rift from their fantasy world to 21st century England. The young couple are startled by what they find.
In this science fiction & fantasy novel  a series of...

Mystic Valley
P.S. Winn

It has been a year since Matt Compton's mysterious and horrible death, while camping at Mystic Valley, next to McClain Army base. Now his brother Matt, and friends Brandi and Scott are headed to Mystic Valley and McClain Army base for some answers. Finding a way in may be easier than finding a way out.......

Stealer of Horses (A High Country Mystery Book 3)

The famous Carlo painting Stealer of Horses sells for cash in a small Wyoming town and gallery owner Sheldon Spence gives the $200,000 to his wife, who walks over to the bank to make the deposit…and never returns.
A witness claims to have seen a frightenedlooking Susan Spence in a battered old Chevy, speeding out of town. And each succeeding clue reveals a different angle on her disappearance. Sheriff Jeff McQuede begins to wonder if this is more than a simple case of kidnapping and...