Live in reality. Play on the other side. by Debra Kristi

Your stop for the supernatural, paranormal, mythical, and fantastical. It's so much more fun playing on the other side, wouldn't you agree?

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The Moorigad Dragon
Debra Kristi

Saving a life shouldn’t come with so many complications.
Saving Marcus’s life should’ve qualified as a good deed. Except, that’s not why Kyra saves him. She’s pulled to the deed by something supernatural. But then Marcus sees Kyra’s hybrid dragon and she finds herself bound to protect him. A bond already causing tension between Kyra and her best friend, Sebastian. Only, Kyra will find it is not easy defying Death. Yet, she is determined―even at the cost of her own life....

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The Tethered Unicorn: Living Dreams 1
E.M.G. Wixley

The day Mike's dealer failed to show up was the catalyst that forced Mike and his girlfriend, Rosie, to take the first steps on a sometimes bizarre and tragic journey.
Their addiction compels them to steal from the type of people that would stop at nothing to retrieve their treasure. Slowly the couple become progressively more entangled in a web of their own making.
The story begins in London. Rosie receives a Valentines gift, which she may later regret accepting. As a naturally shy...

Flash and Bang: A Short Mystery Fiction Group Anthology

Sometimes, crime occurs with the sound of a drip of poison, or the whispering whistle of a knife moving through the air. And, sometimes, it happens with a “flash and bang.”

The Short Mystery Fiction Society was formed in 1996 to promote the reading, writing and publication of shortform mystery and crime. This includes the yearly presentation of the Derringer Awards, which celebrate excellence in the writing of stories of up to 20,000 words in length.

With over 1,600...

Annihilation : Almost: Time to start again

“Annihilation : Almost – Time to start again” is a fast – paced action thriller involving NSA, NSA's secret Supercomputer project, a villainous hacker, Aliens calling themselves GOD and a Nuclear attack.
A villainous hacker has taken over NSA’s Supercomputer, the fastest and the best Supercomputer in the world and using that, he has taken control of each and every thing in the world that has some kind of a technical part in it. The designer of that monster machine, Robin, with...

The Round Guide to Morality
Mark C Sutton

Rid yourself of your wishywashy, leftie subversive ways forever by studying 'The Round Guide to Morality' by Horace Round (as told to Mark C Sutton)!!!
Meet Horace Round; an arrogant, condescending, selfobsessed, psychopathic, conceited, narcissistic, narrowminded, sexist, xenophobic, repulsive, greedy, out and out thoroughly nasty piece of work with no redeeming qualities whatsoever... and he wants to offer you, the subversive and immoral reader, guidance on how to become a pillar of...

Richard Whitten Barnes

It’s 1941, and Riza Manceda, a beautiful American intelligence officer, needs someone to impersonate a Japanese officer for a dangerous mission to her homeland of the Philippines. Her search uncovers the ideal man in Daniel Suhiro, a first generation Nisei with perfect credentials for the job…but maybe not so perfect.
The mission is to prevent the Japanese from discovering the Allies have broken their “unbreakable” Purple code. This secret could shorten – or lengthen – the...