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Among the Jimson Weeds
Paul Keene

A young man coming of age faces triumph and trauma every day. Misunderstood and not learning or knowing how to deal with his issues, he is in a constant state of awkward discomfort. Weird, different, he tries to fit in, to be accepted. Gabbie, the guitar from the pawnshop and the ghost that came with her are all he has.

Have You Read?
Sherlock Holmes: Cthulhu Mythos Adventures (Sherlock Holmes
Ralph E. Vaughan

Sherlock Holmes and HP Lovecraft did not meet until 1981. They were introduced by Ralph E. Vaughan in the story "The Adventure of the Ancient Gods," first published in Holmesian Federation 4, then as a standalone chapbook, both of which are long out of print and command very high prices from collectors. After thirtyfive years this seminal tale is again made available to readers through this book. Also included is "The Terror Out of Time," in which Sherlock Holmes works with Professor...


When Tim, Maria and Bob’s fourteen year old apparently model son goes missing, they are baffled and distraught. A police investigation reveals Tim wasn’t quite the son they thought he was. Frantic attempts to find him fail, and when their quest becomes an obsession this causes problems between them. But they never give up, and are determined to find him DEAD OR ALIVE, even though it may cost them dear.......

After The Fire (One Pass Away Book 3)
Mary J. Williams

In his lifetime, Gaige Benson has dreamed of only two things. Playing football and Violet Reed.
The Seattle Knights have the hottest players in the game. On and off the field.
Second Chances. First Love.
Gaige Benson is the NFL's golden boy. He's done it all. Won every award. Except that elusive Super Bowl ring. This year he is hanging up his cleats and he plans on going out a winner.
Even a golden boy has secrets. Will Gaige's past be the one thing that...

The Kiddush Ladies
Susan Sofayov

Lifelong Jewish friends Naomi, Miriam, and Becky are approaching middleage gracefully and are content—despite a few hot flashes and mood swings—until life tosses each woman a crisis…
When Becky, the daughter of Holocaust survivors, learns of her only son’s engagement to a nonJew, she rallies against the marriage and becomes obsessed with finding him a Jewish bride.
Naomi—whose husband left her for a man, crushing her small amount of selfconfidence—is stuck with a deadend...

Holly Lane: Holly Lane
J.B. Morgan

Hollie Layne = One trip. One week. One chance meeting that they'll never forget. Two hearts. Two different places, and one event that could change it all.
Hollie goes off on her senior class trip with her best friends expecting some fun in the sun before starting life after high school. She didn't expect to meet Layne.
Layne is stationed in Hawaii, anticipating his next deployment. He doesn't expect to meet a girl that will change his life.
This Christmas, take a stroll down Holly...