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Among the Jimson Weeds
Paul Keene

A young man coming of age faces triumph and trauma every day. Misunderstood and not learning or knowing how to deal with his issues, he is in a constant state of awkward discomfort. Weird, different, he tries to fit in, to be accepted. Gabbie, the guitar from the pawnshop and the ghost that came with her are all he has.

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What's it gonna be?: A romantic comedy set in Mauritius
Cassandra Piat

A romantic comedy with a Mauritian twist to it! Lucy and Matt live in Mauritius and have been going out for over 4 years. Lucy now considers that it's more than time that Matt pops the question but Matt, a major commitment phoebe, has trouble taking the plunge despite being madly in love with the quirky and funloving Lucy. Add to that a gorgeous Englishman and a stalker and Lucy's life becomes very complicated...
Olivia, her best friend and colleague, has never had much luck on the love...

In My Nest: Poetry and musings of an odd egg
Cindi Walton

Just like a bird creates a nest from a "bit of this" and a
"bit of that"...We too are a composite of our thoughts, experiences whether they be good, bad and the everyday mundane. This little book is a meandering of my thoughts in the form of poetry, and the lyrical wanderings of my mind. The truest view of ourself comes from within~A collection that covers the gamut of emotions expressed from the vantage point of a modern day fable to the internal struggle of a grown woman...

Murder on the Night Shift
Kathy Cohen

Television reporter Ellie Schimmel, alone on the night shift when the report of a dead body comes in over the police scanner, is the first journalist to the scene. Livid bruises on the victim's neck suggest murder. This is just the sort of story she's been waiting to cover. If she can convince her boss to let her stay on it and do a good job, maybe she'll get promoted to the day shift. Ellie sets to work doing her own investigating and making contacts in the police department. But, working...

Devils: A Collection of Devilish Short Fiction
Erik Henry Vick

Come, step inside the dark passageways of Erik Henry Vick’s mind. Come meet his friends, devils, one and is a war hero on his way down. Addicted to cocaine, wallowing in guilt, he meets a beautiful woman with the quirky habit of telling everyone she’s the devil.
Rick Bergen learns the true cost of revenge when he enters the world of the voodoo pantheon and meets the manifestation of vengeance.
Rena is kidnapped by polygamist extremists bent on creating an army for the a...

The Railway Years: The Further Reminiscences of a Truck Driver
Dennis Burnier-Smith

This second volume in the Laurie Driver series is about the the life and times when Laurie Driver worked for British Rail as a road transport driver, for the LondonMidland region and then National Carriers Limited, Railfreight and onto Freightliner and later as a conductor for NorthWest trains.
The book is an anecdotal work with numerous humorous tales interspersed with informative and useful information concerning the railways.