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I use the blog to post new poem I have written and give some background on how/why they came to be written.

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Finding the Light
Bobbie Coelho

I have always said that it’s not the destination, but the journey that counts.
I have always been interested in poetry, so when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2002, I turned to poetry to make sense of what was happening. In this anthology of my work I have chosen a mixture of themes, some very sad, but there are lighthearted ones too. I’ve tried to urge people to reflect on the ways in which they judge others; I want my readers to appreciate that you can never tell what...

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Is That a Fact?
Sheraz Ahmed

Anthology of Poetry.
Unlike my last anthology which was about rain, this collection of poetry has got broader subjects and I have presented its name by using the word “Fact”. We all think that this word represents the truth but indeed this word “Fact” itself indicates a matter which is under research or discussion for which we have to draw a conclusion whether it is true or not.

Beneath Strange Stars: A Collection of Tales
Ralph Vaughan

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Amie Stolen Future
Lucinda E Clarke

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Stolen Future is the third book in the 'Amie' series international multi award winning 1 bestsellers on...

Dreams Adrift (River Dream Book 3)
DW Davis

Michael and Maeve are about to renew their vows in the big, beachside wedding Maeve always dreamed of when Rhiannon's unexpected arrival threatens to derail their plans. Will Rhiannon be able to win Mike back, or will his new love for Maeve be stronger than his old feelings for his high school sweetheart?
The fates once conspired to change Michael's dreams. Are they now conspiring to set his Dreams Adrift?......