Have You Read?
Taela (The Vessel Book 1)
Kacie Taylor

A little adventure was all Taela wanted to relieve some of the predictability of her life. When she heard a rumor that the King's city would be attacked, she set out to investigate, bringing her sister along with her. But things did not go as she hoped. Her sister was captured and in order to attempt a rescue, Taela had to reveal a closely guarded secret of her own. She was quickly learning that her life was about to become anything but predictable.......

To (2) Nanna With Love From Me
Annette Bentley Smith

One child, multiple grandparents. This poetic story is about a little girl with two grandmothers, both named Nanna. She has written a letter for them to cherish throughout their days.......

The Dead and the Dying (Ron Shaw Horror Book 1)
Ron Shaw

Like to feel the hair rising on the back of your neck? How about a tingle chasing up and down your spine? Then internationally read, From Gents’ Pens author Ron Show, host of The Ron Shaw Show on ArtistFirst Radio Network, has written the perfect story for you.
Bloodied streets, voodoo curses, and a mysterious cameo all set the stage as murder, young lovers, and an act of historic cruelty all converge and head blindly towards a suspensefilled conclusion on one horrific, rainy night in...

When Life Is More Than We Dreamed (Life's Outtakes - Year 3) 52
Daris Howard

Humorous, Inspirational Short Stories!
52 stories, one for each week, from third year of the popular story column "Life's Outtakes". These stories are a humorous and inspirational view of community and family life. From the inspiration of an athletes understanding of others in "Those Who Make Us What We Are" to the humor of young man's failed attempt at dating in "The Mixed Up World Of Dating" these stories will keep you laughing and make you think about what is really important in...

He Counts Their Tears
Mary Ann D'Alto

A handsome, successful, charming man. Healer. Miracle maker. Aaron Stein is all those things. Behind the benevolent façade, however, hides a monster: a destroyer of souls who lusts after power and control. Aaron plays his ruse again and again with unsuspecting women who genuinely believe that they have met their new “best friend”, their “soul mate”. Covert hypnosis, edgy trysts, psychological warfare they’re all part of the sick game he plays “to have all the power