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A Second Chance: First in the Bradford Series
Christina Paul

Award winning author, Christina Paul, presents:
A SECOND CHANCE (First in the Bradford Series)
In this historical novel, set in early 1800s England, a young widow, an enigmatic injured man, a kidnapped woman and a smartalecky butler come together in a moving adventure full of intrigue, suspense and of course romance.
While Graydon, a lead operative for the Crown, struggles to heal and regain his memory sufficiently to rescue his kidnapped niece, Kathryn wonders whether she can...

Secrets in the Shallows (Book 1: The Monastery Murders)
Kimberly Brouillette

(NOTE: NEW 4th edition has been rereleased as of January, 2016.)
A deadly storm is brewing over the sleepy little town of Wattsville, Maine. Mystery and intrigue creep into the village like a fetid fog blown by an ill wind. The untimely deaths of two young men shake the quiet peace of the small community, and threaten to destroy the life of a revered religious leader. The spirits of those slain cry out for justice from their graves, while restless...

Aurélie: On the Road
Christine Duts

From the catacombs of Rome to the beautiful city of Paris, and the abundant jungle by Veracruz and lush forests of Cuernavaca, to the bustling streets of London… This second installment of Aurélie’s memoirs takes us on a breathtaking journey across the globe to fulfill Penelope´s mission: destroy Giada.
After meeting Lucan on her path, an unexpected ally from his past provides Aurélie with some welcome help on her quest. Seraphin has survived and transformed into an immortal,...

Annie Acorn's 2015 Spirited Tales (Annie Acorn's Spirited Tales)

Where can you find all the suspense, chills, ghosts, mediums, spirits, romance, and even humor that your heart desires? Where does reality end and imagination overtake us? Where do the kinder, gentler things disappear? Within the tightly crafted stories gathered for your enjoyment by Annie Acorn into Annie Acorn’s 2015 Spirited Tales!
With their skillfully woven tales, members of From Women’s Pens and From Gents’ Pens have joined forces and forged a unique collection of stories...

The Forgotten Age: Book 1, Rise of the Druids
Wayne M Sefton

History. A record, not always accurate as it was often written by the victor, of the events that led up to the here and now.
But there is another history, a history forgotten by the historians of the race of Man, one that is remembered by those who themselves exist only in myth and folklore. A history from the dawn of this world when Man walked with Elves and Dwarfs, from before the great sleep that saw the Dinosaurs thrive and die. A history from the time of magic. But that was long ago...