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Interview about my book Just Two Weeks plus a competition to win a copy! I hope you’re not fed up with me bleating on about my novel, but I want to post this interview as it covers much more than the usual. Within the interview there are three short extracts from the book so you can have a peep at the writing.

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Just Two Weeks
Amanda Sington-Williams

After being made redundant from a seemingly secure job Jolene Carr takes a two week break in the sun. On the first day she meets Raquel, another hotel guest. Little does she realise how this apparently innocent acquaintance will lead to terrible and lasting consequences. After a frightening incident she hits a conspiracy of silence from the locals and over the rest of the holiday she feels herself slipping into a vortex of fear. Back home, the nightmare continues and she realises that Raquel...

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The Sam Dyke Box Set: Four gripping crime thrillers
Keith Dixon

"Sam Dyke, a modern, British Marlowe"
This anthology includes the first four books in a series that has been called "terrific" and "difficult to put down". It also includes the first chapter of the fifth book, The Strange Girl.
So who is Sam Dyke?
He's a private investigator from a workingclass background whose job forces him to mix with the wealthy and privileged of the posh Cheshire set—those whose morals and behaviour offend him and go against his own values ...

Credible Threat: a Shadowboxer story
Chris Lowry

A bomb explodes in a train station in Brussels. Seconds later, a second bomb detonates at the airport. Hundreds die.
America's alphabet agencies are stretched thin, but they can't stand idly by while European authorities investigate. Chatter on the ground is the US faces an imminent threat. They need boots on the ground and a man who get's answers to find and stop any disaster before it happens.
Carver and Brill are contracted to do the research. Brill heads overseas to bust...

To (2) Granddad With Love From Me
Annette Bentley Smith

Many children have multiple sets of grandparents with various names. The little girl in this delightful, beautifully illustrated, poetic story, has two grandfathers she loves! If you are a grandfather what does your grandchild call you? If you are a grandchild, what have you named your grandfather? Have you ever written a letter to them? Look inside and read the letter the little girl in this story has written to her grandfathers.......

Mirror Shattered
KG Stutts

It’s been two years since Maddie discovered the truth of her origins. No longer living the ‘comfortable life’ she has become a valued member of the Intergalactic Security Commission surpassing all expectations. Life isn’t easy as the ISC struggles under new leadership. Adding to the adjustment, the new leadership uncovers details that shake Mack and Maddie to their core.
Amid the chaos of what has become, Mack, Maddie and their team are sent off world on a mission that eventually...

Through the Baltic Looking-Glass
Lara Biyuts

Set in Europe in 1912, my novel “Through the Baltic LookingGlass” is written in the form of travel notes by Oscar Maria Graf, observant globetrotter, younger contemporary of Oscar Wilde. A Stenbocklike figure, by his origin and his dabbling in literature, Oscar Graf is much hotter, more active and pragmatic than Eric Stenbock (18601895) whom he was friend with, when he lived in London. The book was previously selfpublished in a series of nice books. PART 1 “In the Island. Ad...