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Interview about my book Just Two Weeks plus a competition to win a copy! I hope you’re not fed up with me bleating on about my novel, but I want to post this interview as it covers much more than the usual. Within the interview there are three short extracts from the book so you can have a peep at the writing.

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Just Two Weeks
Amanda Sington-Williams

After being made redundant from a seemingly secure job Jolene Carr takes a two week break in the sun. On the first day she meets Raquel, another hotel guest. Little does she realise how this apparently innocent acquaintance will lead to terrible and lasting consequences. After a frightening incident she hits a conspiracy of silence from the locals and over the rest of the holiday she feels herself slipping into a vortex of fear. Back home, the nightmare continues and she realises that Raquel...

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This is his diary. How did he take her from a locked, guarded room without waking her parents? How did he hide he was Theran from Soryn, given all of...

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Ginny is born in the wrong place, in the wrong time. Sleepers Hill is not a town where a young artist can flourish, it is too provincial a place for someone who is different. And Ginny is different, in her dress, in her attitude, in her ambitions. Follow her progress through this trilogy of her formative years, moving from a portrait of the artist as a young woman to that of the artist who does DayGlo posters for chippies and Chinese takeaways.......

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C.A. Powell

Queen Boudicca is defeated. Her Iceni and other British allies are dead or fleeing from the vengeance of unmerciful Rome. The British rebellion is over. The beaten Iceni Warrior queen has gone into hiding and awaits her poison elixir which will aid her departure from life while the waiting druids wish to bury her in a secret place.
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