Jennifer Morse William Mortimer by Jennifer Morse

I spent last weekend, over four grueling days, at a workshop. I’m trying to find the right words to express the heart of my experience. Do you remember in elementary school a teacher who demonized one student over the school year? When I was in the fourth grade my teacher systematically dismantled me psychologically. She dragged me from class into the hallway; thirty plus pairs of eyes watching with everything from horror to secret glee. Yelling, shaking me, or finger flying dangerously in my face I was castigated and shamed.

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Jennifer Morse and William Mortimer

Redemption's Warrior. A young adult novel. A story of fantasy fiction. Blending mystical realities with the ordinary.
Do you believe in beneficence? Can you fathom a goodness requiring you to make acts of power and truth? Acts resonating out into the world on waves of intention; where the impossible can intersect the possible,
Redemption's Warrior is the story of Christopher Marcos accused of running drugs. Incarcerated on Islas Tres Marias, an island prison 60 miles southwest of...

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